The Fire

Before I talk about the adventures beyond the massage table with Frank, I want to back up just a moment and share something very important.

The Arousal Zone

Frank had allowed me to realize a major and very strange shift happened in my body.  Whenever he and I were kissing or cuddling or take a stroll in the Holy Gutter together, my horny spot, moved!

Holy cow did it move!

Every time I got aroused it was never in my groin, it was always in my heart center.  Now, that is not to say the rest of me wasn’t joining the party in my heart, but that familiar intensity that happens when we become sexually aroused would dance and throb at my heart center, right smack dab between my breasts.

At first, I thought it was a fluke.  But it became very very apparent  this is not a fluke but the new way of feeling!

I had to take a bath to understand what happened.  Frank wasn’t my first adventure of love and sex since my bathtub odyssey with Marc’s soul, but I don’t recall ever feeling in my body, like I did with Frank.

My spiritual team told me that my relationship at the end of 2002-03 served to clear the last of the emotional (relationship focused) debris that was left in me.  And my god, he did a great job, to the point he kicked up my core issue to the surface like no one else ever could have… abandonment!

It became clear within me, that while we have any lingering, unresolved issues within us, the energy we were born with will remain to do what it was always meant to do, clear our core in the ways it was designed to clear it.

Once cleared (a few dust particles, obviously is ok) the energy system within, shifts.


The only thing I understood about Kundalini going into 2006 was it was an alive energy within the body that I had control of, when I so desired to control it. I knew it was a massive ball of energy, my (our) pure soul energy that was housed at the base of our energy system/root chakra/groin area.  When it vibrated, there was nothing in this world that could compare to its energy.

I also realized, the more you use it, run it thru your body, the more adjusted the body became to its frequency.

In my bathtub journeys, I don’t think I realized how often, my kundalini energy started vibrating only at the heart area as opposed to the groin.  By this time, nothing was strange in my bathtub, it was just the way of it now.

Having a real, intimate adventure with Frank made me realize there is a lot more going on in my heart area than I ever gave notice to before.

Thru bathtub sessions with my spiritual team and their helping me to understand why my heart is so horny all the time with Frank, they helped me realize something amazing.

My kundalini moved into a permanent place of expression, my heart.  This has always been the goal, for all of us. (Still is.)

The Body and the Energy System

Having Frank on my massage table, I realized, it is hard for me to separate the energy of intimate love that was naturally flowing thru me to him, from the “usual” stream of energy work I was doing with clients.  My whole body was in the experience of energy that was flowing into Frank, boy was it ever.  It was as if we created an amazing bubble of energy that was highly charged with, well, kundalini vibrating at the speed of light.

At this time in my new massage journey, I was doing massages in my living room, so to stop the massage and move to the bedroom with him, easy, at least in movement.

We lay on the bed, for the first time ever, naked, together.  By this time, we were still working out the “do no harm” marriage thing, but this energy field we created together, could care less about all that.  My brain teetered back and forth, should I, or shouldn’t I?

Who the hell cares, when you are vibrating at the speed of light and just a single touch is open the heart frequency in ways I never thought possible… I shut the brain off and just gave into the experience in progress.

The very moment his hand touched my vagina  something really really new happened.  This really hot stream of energy encompassed my entire core energy and the next thing I knew, my entire consciousness was outside of my body.

This is AMAZING!!

We do not realize how incredibly limiting being housed up inside a body really is, until you take the intensity of a highly aroused energy field and move on out.  Phew!

My consciousness was up at the ceiling, just to the left of my body.  The more his hand maneuvered my vagina, the larger my consciousness expanded and exploded with feeling.   I had no earthly idea we are capable of feeling like I was feeling up on my ceiling.  The light that was sparking everywhere.  Yes, the only time I looked, I could see our bodies on the bed, but who cares about that.

Well, I must have forgotten this was a party for two, I was engrossed in my own field of experience. fully!!!

And then Frank spoke.  It was like glass shattering everywhere.

My whole field collapsed and wham I was right back into my body and I was so pissed!

In my expanded, Self consumed place of expanding bliss, I forgot about Frank really.  Frank was having a really hard time rising to the occasion.  We never went any further than that, ever.

Afterwards we talked about what happened with me and with him.  Suddenly, the words of my mentor were echoing in my head.  “Do not put anyone on a pedestal ”  I did that with Marc, Frank did it with me.

He would always refer to me as “A Holy Woman.”  I was always quick to remind him “no holier than you.”  I never realized how much he felt that.  His whole body shut down from the unworthiness he felt deep inside making love to what he felt was someone Holier than he.  We had tried to be intimate several times after that time, it was never the same and he could not bring his body to breach what he felt was holy.

We ended our relationship not long after that experience.

The Inner Gateway to Shambhala

When I started to download the understandings of Shambhala and sacred sex in 2008, I started to see, from my own experiences, what must take place in the human body to facilitate the wholeness of this sacred energy.

Kundalini IS Pure Soul Energy

Until this very sharing, I never thought twice about why our kundalini, our pure soul energy starts out in the root chakra.  It would sure be a whole lot easier for us humans if it just set itself up in the heart energy.  This morning, I clearly see the reason.

Our whole orientation has been to life.  To the created fields of matter we see and experience before us.  For a long time (eons) we have thought the world of matter is real.  The vibration at the root chakra, at the connection of the world of matter, is the slowest vibrational area of our whole body.  How perfect to put the highest voltage of potential in the slowest moving area?  We sure to notice as it awakens.

Sadly, we think it has to do with sex.  The pureness of our soul energy is highly arousing, erotic, adventurous and well, felt intensely.

Going out and having sex, any sort of sex, is like drying off from a shower you have yet to take.

Our kundalini is set up in our most base experience center.  The connection with earth and  the appearance of life outside of us.

The point of this whole awakening experience has always been to connect to our true, pure soul energy and integrate it, bit by bit, into the wholeness of our energy field.  To enliven every strand of energy, of pathways within the body.

To have such an intimate and full relationship with the Self, for ever.  Not just for a fleeting moment of experience.

To take the illusion of this life and find what is real within yourself.  Moving the energy of your soul up and into the sacral chakra expands your sense of Self in a way that can only be done by the Soul, what many would call the Higher aspect of You.

This deeply intimate journey can only be had by you.  There is not another person in this world that could do it for you.  EVER.  I don’t care how many outside sources you go to for this activation or that activation, until you harness your own power within on your own, you are having momentary experiences of what could be an ever lasting experience!

Pulling your soul energy up thru you, over and over again, comes with such amazing benefits   Visions, understandings, experiences that will be ever lasting for as long as you don’t quit, or give your power over to someone else to do it for you.

In the internal journey of moving your own kundalini energy, you are rewiring your entire internal House.  Upping the voltage of your life and setting up a new home for your soul, the home it has always been meant to live within, your Heart!

(To be continued…)

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The Lost Codes of Shambhala – Part 7

chemical changes

This part I am including here was never part of the book I started writing.  Yet, spirit has been on me for the last two days to sit and write about this part of the journey and the importance it plays within our unified hearts.  I am not going try to lay this out in book form, I am just going to share.

The Chemical Changes Within Our Bodies As We Fall In Love

In 2006 a new man entered my life that was going to change everything I knew about, well, everything.

I was in the last month or so of massage school and preparing to make my way into a whole new field of spiritual endeavors.  I had already been doing psychic readings as a professional for three years.  When I entered massage school, reading took on a whole new twist.

I could see so much more thru the connection of the body, and the very act of massaging seemed to release packets upon packets of information from the client into my awareness.  Fortunately, my classmates were really excited and I was never without a nightly volunteer to practice both massage and my new emerging skill of reading the body’s cellular energy as well as the DNA energy.  Of course, it would be a while before I really understood what I had stumbled into.  But again, that is not needed for this book.

I knew I was going to be a spiritual massage therapist and I needed to get the word out that I was about to open shop.  I created a booklet type magazine called Conscious Living on my computer, printed off about 50 copies and started putting them out in spiritual establishments, like the Edgar Cayce A.R.E. Center.

For a humble little magazine, it was actually well received   One day I received a phone call from a man who said he worked with the prison center and wanted to talk to me about distributing this magazine in the prison.  I agreed to a meeting to discuss this very exciting, yet troubling possibility.  I was printing these off of my printer, a challenge at best.

Our first meeting lasted 4-5 hours.  He was like a breath of fresh air in my world.  We sat and talked about spiritual things for the entire time.  He had been on his path for well over 20 years and understood and expanded so much of the things I had understood.

This was the first time I had a real conversation about something that had become part of my lifeblood outside of the internet.  I was in heavenly bliss.  We never did get to the prison and my magazine conversation, so we agreed to meet again in a few days.  We ended up meeting a few times a week for the next several weeks, sharing.  We never ran out of conversation and started to go from formal conversation to personal.

The days he was not coming over to talk, we were on the telephone talking and sometimes, for hours. I started to pay attention to my body’s reaction every time we were together.  My energy field was changing.

The first thing I noticed about myself was my external energy field.  The moment he would sit down next to me, it expanded with so much light and so much inner feeling, I was actually taken by surprise.  The next thing to happen within me was watching from the inside out, a whole new flow of chemicals spilling out of the glands within my brain, washing over my entire network of energy in my brain with amazing feelings thru it all.

I watched as these chemicals rode the neural pathways to my heart.  Ohh my god, I am falling in love.  Not only am I falling in love, I am witnessing the entire process from the inside out!  This is soooooo exciting!!!

Our time together was extraordinary, our core basis was our spiritual journey and sharing together.  It expanded me, literally, in so many ways, on so many levels.  He was getting hit with the chemical changes in his body too.  We grew closer.  He was a spiritual adventurist that actually communicated, I was in bliss.

We started doing experiments together.  I would go into my bathtub meditations and send him messages.  Sometimes he knew about the ongoing experiments,  sometimes not at all.  He always seemed to receive… something.  I would go into my bath before talking to him in the morning and send him out my phone number, wouldn’t ya know the phone would ring shortly there after.

Our conversations turned sexual.  We had been together now about 2 months, we never even so much as kissed, yet, the field of aliveness was everywhere.  We talked about spiritual energy, kundalini energy, conjoined energy, sometimes I would take him for a wild ride in my meditations.  Every single thing was opening up codes like sky rockets bursting in the air.  I even mentioned to him that every time we talk we went straight to the gutter (talking about sex,) every time we talked anymore.  My spiritual team was quick to change the frequency of the words I just uttered.  They said “you go to the Holy gutter.”

We have, as a society, been so conditioned that innate sexual energy and desires are dirty.  Something you should not talk freely about or encourage within another.  And spirit says play, explore, have fun… this is Holy!!

Something became vividly aware within me the more I spent time with this man, there was a lot missing.  This is not the first time I had been in love, at all.  But it was the first time I was in love like this.  I had absolutely no jealousy involved in my feelings for him.  I had no void within myself, no insecurities at all when I was not talking or spending time with him.  There was absolutely no negative energy at all, within me, in this in-love state of Being.  This was very weird and well, just surprising.

Frank (this mans name) became the greatest, most surprising mirror in my life.  I had changed.

Most people, when they fall in love, they give away their own love energy and devour whomever they are in a relationship with’s energy field.  We usually start a relationship (usually unconsciously) feeling like we are missing some part of ourselves and seek outside of ourselves for that completion .. in a relationship.

As we develop into a loving relationship, we start to identify our energy with that other person, feeling lonely when they are not around (because they now have your energy) or insecure that they may be looking at someone else.

This was always the core foundation of my prior relationships.  But not with Frank.  I had to ask my spiritual team for understanding.  What changed?

Well… the gift that keeps on giving.  My odyssey with Marc had more nuggets encrusted within the relationship (was it even a relationship??) than I ever took time to notice.

Every negative thing I had deep inside of me, always came flowing up to the surface during the two years we spent together (on the internet.)  Of course, he never knew any of this, it was my friend, that triad part of this whirl wind, that helped me understand the sludge always being dredged to the top of my surface by Marc.  And he did nothing, really, except breath.

Every thing that came up, I had to take into the bath.  The insecurities, the jealousy, the longing, it all went into the bath with me.  My spiritual team helped me see why it was so intense and release it.

Sometimes, well, often times those deep insecurities were so plentiful I would spend the whole day in the bath… dealing.

All this by a man who never even really talked to me.  We are powerful Beings indeed!!

I was absolutely, wholly in love with Frank and I was so excited, as was my energy field.  And then, the shoe dropped.  We had spent months in heavenly bliss (mostly in my bathtub meditations) when I found out Frank is married.

We still hadn’t had sex yet, so that was good (at least in my over processing mind.)

I was still shocked I was not jealous at all.  But what do I do with this now?  When I asked Frank why he never mentioned this really important aspect about himself, he said he did the day we first met.  Maybe I did, as he said,  hear only what I wanted to hear when he said “I had been in a long term relationship.” and my mind heard past tense.  Just for the record, long term meant… 30 plus years!!

Keep in mind, at this stage of my own evolution I knew nothing about the words “sacred sex” or even “Shambhala” or all the wonderful, magical things I understand now.  I was still working out my own kinks.  A married man has always been a flipping kink in my life’s journey!!

I was still picking the Catholic out of my energy field and societies view of right and wrong and trying to honor my own energy.  I was so confused.  Bath time!!

After I got one bitching to my team for even daring to let me get all tangled up with a married man, what do I do with this?  Their reply… “Do no harm.”  What the hell does that mean??  Do no harm, to me?  To him?  To her?  Define harm.  Silence.

So I told Frank exactly the information that my team gave to me in our dilemma.  I was so grateful that Frank and I had such an open and (for the most part) honest communication together.  We talked for hours on end about this “Do no harm” statement from my team.

I decided the best way to remove harm is at least tell his wife of over 3 decades he is involved with another woman and allow her to be consciously involved in the process.

I was oddly struck within myself by something that became perfectly clear.  I did not want him to leave his wife, at all.  That truth really shocked me.  I was so ok with his complacent love for her.  (Where the hell was my jealousy, I should be having a melt down by now… all i want to do is make sure no one is harmed, per my spiritual team!)

By this time, I had already graduated from massage school and had a growing client base of daily massages to do.  I was equally growing my ability to connect to a persons entire field of energy and hear, and see, and understand so much.

I also realized I cannot do a massage without doing a reading for that person too.  Kinda shocking to the person laying on my table and I am telling them their most intimate details without barely knowing their name.

I also realized there is a tremendous variation in the field of energy.  Not all energy is the same and learning how to harness particular streams of energy thru the palms of my hands into my client, released various degrees of cellular but also DNA energy into my awareness.

I was also realizing vividly that these streams of energy thru a massage, can rock a clients world like nothing else!!  They would get off my table, dazed and confused, drunk really.

I started to play with the energies to see what exactly we can do with them.  Holy kundalini batman!!  I got really sensitive to a clients energy field and I could feel and see the emerging kundalini fire within their inner body.  This was sooo kewl!!

I had a great idea!!  I can really see and explore Frank via my massage table.  He wanted help knowing what was the right and best thing to do as did I.  Massage was the key!!

Boy oh boy… was it ever the key.  But not to the answer we both sought, we were going to take this energy union to a whole new level of feeling and expansion… at least within me!!

(To be continued…smile)

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The Lost Codes of Shambhala – Part 6


The Merging and Sharing of Kundalini Energy

After blissful months of learning how to hold and integrate the Kundalini energy through every chakra and every cellular structure of my being, then finally being able to release this wonderful energy from the top of my head, I was I had satisfied my super charged bathwater. Not even close.


When I put my foot into the bathwater, I was caught off-guard. Wham! There was the electrical current of heaven surging through my entire body once again.  And, once again, I was baffled. I had no idea what more I could possibly learn or integrate. Granted, that was an amazing adventure, but I was really feeling like a spiritual slut.  For months I had envisioned myself with myself, with former images from past lives, even the snake within had become the man/energy/object of my dreams. Since I’d had every conceivable encounter with myself as well as with the far-from-sleeping Kundalini serpent, all I could ask was, “Now what?”


Well, once again, ask and you shall receive!  In a split second the energy of my mentor from down under, Marc, showed up in all his ethereal loveliness. I was blissfully within my meditative world wondering what on earth to do with him. However, our spiritual bodies already knew what to do.  I became an observer and feeler of all that was about to unfold.


I lay in my bath exploding with feeling and anticipation as I watched Marc’s glowing white Kundalini serpent emerge from his root chakra and leap toward me.  His serpent leaped out of his body and into my root chakra while my rainbow colored serpent took the same journey over to him.  I didn’t know that we could share our Kundalini energy, but man oh man, yes we could!


For weeks I watched as my serpent would leave me and be a part of him and vise versa.  Sometimes, the snakes were simply jumping from chakra to chakra as if in their own magical dance of energy exchange.  His serpent would jump into my sacral chakra while mine jumped into his, then, on the next jump, it would move one chakra up to the solar plexus then to the heart.  There was even a time when the serpents were simply moving in and out of the crown chakra as if having intense sex with our crown energies. Our serpents were never out of our own bodies for longer than a minute or two, but in this realm of experience, that was long enough for heaven to be experienced with each new wave of feeling.


In between the moments of bliss, joy and pure amazement at what was transpiring in feeling and visuals, my mind would creep in and ask if I should be doing this heated and intense exchange with Marc’s soul energy. In those days, I would never connect with his physical body. I only connected with his soul energy in pure form. But I had not asked for his permission and I sure as heck had never told him what had been taking place in my meditations. Nor was I posting about it anywhere on that spiritual forum.  For as comfortable as I was in asking him various spiritual questions, I sure was not comfortable sharing the fact that I was ravaging his body and soul in ways even the greatest romance novel could not have imagined.


I reminded myself that Marc had already given me permission by stating that I could do whatever I wanted, however I wanted at any time I wanted in meditation with his higher self.  I assumed that the heavenly bliss of erotic Kundalini exchange was included in that statement.


The next embarrassing question that emerged from my mind was, “does he know what we are doing within my meditations.” This was a man who knew when I was having a spiritual crisis and would wake up from a sleep to be online to help me through it. If he knew what I/we were doing, I’d be mortified!


We never really talked heart to heart; only spirit to spirit.  I asked questions; he provided insight.  I was never one to share the depths of my emotions anyway, and he never insisted that I try.  I decided to tip toe into finding out whether or not he was aware of what was taking place. I would simply say, “you showed up in my meditation today,” and he would simply reply, “that’s nice.”  Nice would be an understatement! It was heaven in a bathtub!  I wondered if he had sexually intense dreams while he slept in the land down under and I was having mad passionate Kundalini explosions due to his glowing white serpent.  To this day, I have no clue.


From the human perspective and repeated patterns of being, one cannot have this intense and intimate exchange without wanting to give the person sharing the experience (even if unknowingly) all the love that now courses through ones veins.  I was falling madly and deeply in love with that highly charged mentor of my inner world.


Over the course of the next six months, every single time I went into meditation, I would demand that my spirit guides dry up the oceans that kept Marc and me apart so we could meet in person.  The way I was looking at it, if he could rock my world in meditation I could only imagine what it would be like in the physical world experience.


Not mature enough to understand


Just under a year and a half after my Kundalini wonderland experience, the beautiful, vibrant universe gave me my heart’s deepest desire, which was to spend time in the physical world with Marc.


By that time, I had followed my path for exactly 16 months, maturing and expanding into what I thought was a good pace.  Little did I realize just how little I understood.


About two hours before I got the news that Marc’s flight was rerouted from a Hong Kong layover to a New York City layover, one of my spiritual masters threw me for a loop in meditation.  She, The Blessed Mother, had said to me “My proverbial son, your brother, will be coming soon.”  Two hours later, I get news that I was going to not only get to meet Marc, but also spend five glorious days with him at my place. I didn’t think life could get any better until I wondered what the Blessed Mother meant by proverbial son. Was Marc Jesus? My fantasies came to a screeching halt.


The joy that blasted through my entire being the day I picked him up from the airport was amazing.  We hugged and my heart was in heaven.  My mind, however, was preoccupied with whether or not he was Jesus and I was not about to take any chances.  I would not make the first move to have sex with him and, even though every cell inside my body screamed for it, I found a reserve inside I didn’t know I possessed.


The room we slept in had two beds. He slept in one and I slept in the other. We slept about five feet apart.  Something happens at night when all is quiet.  I think our magnetic fields rev up, because I literally had to hold onto the mattress of my bed so my whole body didn’t fly over and merge with his. I had to do this every night.  The pull wasn’t so strong during the day, but there was something about laying close to one another, silent and still, that super-enhanced my energy field as if he was the other side of a magnet.  It wasn’t even sexual really, just a pull, like when you have two strong magnets attracting each other.


We never had sex. He was too polite and I was too worried that he was Jesus.  We did hug at least 500 times and each time I just wanted to crawl inside his body to live.

Ten years later; a full understanding


When my Kundalini started vibrating, my spiritual team told me exactly what to do and how to do it.  What they didn’t explain to me was that it was changing my DNA encodings.  Each time I was able to raise my Kundalini and fully integrate it into the chakra area, new DNA codes were being written within my biology.  I was changing my magnetic resonance and calling other vibration encodings toward me.


The raising and integrating of Kundalini with myself was the full unlocking of the divine feminine within me (since I happen to be female in this lifetime.)  The second phase of this Kundalini integration, which included Marc’s Kundalini, was the full integration of the masculine energy within me.


Let me also add here that not everyone has a physically incarnated counterpart.  Some are still in the spiritual world, but when you are ready for that integration, they will show up for you, and only when you are ready.  You cannot force this sacred dance.


Since Marc and I are from the same soul energy, his magnetic encodings blended and merged within mine and mine blended and merged with his.  I did not have even the remotest comprehension of what this would mean or could mean.  When we lay still (both of our minds at rest) only five feet apart, our DNA wanted to return to their normal state, which is together, and not split into two people. I never knew that a pull to anyone on earth could be so strong that I would have to actually hold myself in place. Nonetheless, that attraction does exist and, not only is it the weirdest experience; it also is not all that pleasant. Now, if my spiritual team hadn’t confused me by alluding to the fact that Marc is the proverbial son, Jesus, the story definitely would have turned out very differently.


It served a purpose, though.  Our consciousnesses are challenged to discern whether or not we are going to persevere on our spiritual paths. I would never act in a way that would detract from a person’s higher good even if every fiber of my being ached from longing. Up to that point I still thought Jesus was a celibate incarnation of God, therefore, I surely was not going to do anything that could be spiritually adverse to either Marc or myself.



12 Years Later (2013), A fuller Understanding

I cannot share this part of the book without throwing out a word of caution with it.  When all the further understanding came into my consciousness when I sat down to write this book two things were made completely clear.

1. First and foremost, the exchange that happened between my energy and Marc’s soul energy was a binding.  A binding so complete it cannot be undone.  We may be incarnated in two very different bodies, appearing to have two very different consciousnesses, and in two very separate area’s of the world, but none of that has ever mattered.

Over the last 10 years, the time we stopped talking to each other, at all, every time I am at the cusp of a higher vibrational rate and need my new codes expanded, he always emerges in my meditations.  The exchange always intensifies the vibration of kundalini and a new adventure begins.  Always with new and fuller understandings and even abilities within me.

Science has already proven that DNA strands from the same source, when separated  still react to the stimuli if the other no matter the distance between the two.  I promise you, the same is true for two bound humans!  Like it or not!

However, all of this came with a twist in the downloading of the book/understanding in 2010.

2.  “My proverbial son, your brother, will be coming soon.”

No matter how cryptic and incredibly confusing spirit wants to be with their words, they always hold valuable information within them and only when you are fully ready to understand, the fullness is always made clear.

Took me ten whole years to understand why that beautiful Blessed Mother impeded would could have made this a very different story! I will never ever forget her words, word for word.  The Blessed Mother had been referring to a wonderful smokey quartz crystal loaded with trigonics (upside down triangles) that Marc brought me from South Africa.  Inside that crystal was a scroll written by Jesus.  But that is another story in itself and not needed for this book.  This aspect I actually realized in 2008.

The brother part, when the fullness of this part of her words was fully revealed to me, I just had to sit back in my chair.

In 1960 or 61, I had brother, the only other living person who was created by my mother and father (all my other brothers and sisters are half’s.)  He lived only for a couple of weeks and passed due to a respiratory infection (if I remember the story correctly.)  When I was shown the soul aspect of myself that is Marc as that which would have been my older brother had he lived, I just sat back in my chair.

This is why our binding is so strong and so complete.  In his DNA is also mine, literally.


How to fully and completely integrate your Kundalini Energy


I mentioned earlier that there are those who have felt their Kundalini awaken and quickly move from the base of their spine right out the crown chakra allowing them to experience amazing bliss.  This DOES NOT mean you have integrated your soul energy, but your higher self allowed you the knowing of what the experience entails.  It is very much a near death experience. It is not the end of the journey, but merely the beginning!


Your energy will awaken within you. Do not force it awake, as you are in a physical body and it can physically hurt you if your container is not prepared to experience it. When it does waken, the first thing you want to do is internally connect to it, become aware of it and familiar with it.


My Kundalini became a serpent that I could see and with which I could connect.  I have heard other people say that they saw their energy as a ball of light. Others had intimate feeling/knowing connections and so on.  There are no right or wrong methods. The only thing that matters is your conscious connection to the intense vibrating energy at the base of your spine (usually felt from just above the hips through mid thigh).


Once you have a conscious connection with your soul energy, use your hand or finger to really connect and feel with it.  Through trial and error (what fun errors these times are) you will learn to control the rate and speed of the vibration and with locking onto your energy you can start to pull it upward toward your belly button (sacral chakra).  You cannot mistake when you have moved this energy even a fraction of an inch because the sensations within your body intensify!


Keep in mind that this time is about you and only you.  If you bring in a fantasy man or woman to enhance the experience, then it no longer is about Kundalini integration. If you must create visuals (which we all do sooner or later), then see yourself getting up from your body and having sex with your own body.  The beauty of who we really are, androgynous creatures, means that even the female vision of my body can have a penis if need be. You can even use past life forms if you have had encounters.  The point is that raising Kundalini energy is about you with YOU and not anyone or anything else!


You will also find that as you really start to move your energy out of its sleeping place, many old memories seem to come up to the surface and fly away.  Even if the memory is unpleasant, you are so wrapped up in your state of inner ecstasy that it doesn’t even bother you as it releases itself from you.  This is truly what sexual healing means and is all about.


As you succeed in moving your energy from your base chakra to your sacral chakra, don’t feel bad if you have had an uncontrollable orgasm.  Mastery over your body system takes practice and concentration, and the more you practice the quicker you succeed at being able to control and direct your orgasm.


The goal is to become efficient at moving your sexual energy up out of your hips and out through your sacral chakra (just below the belly button).  Don’t worry if you don’t know where all your chakras are located, you are not in this event alone, and your higher self knows exactly where everything is and where to help you with mastery.  I didn’t even know what chakras were until after I fully integrated this energy.  Just simply be in the experience and out of your mind!


Once you can effortlessly move your sexual energy up to your sacral chakra and orgasm out that area with ease, it is time to start pulling the energy up to the next chakra, (which for most people is the Solar plexus, just under the rib cage).  I say most people because over the last three years I have noticed some people have what I call a sacral plexus chakra, located between the root sacral chakra and the solar plexus.  Your own energy system will know if you have developed this and will instruct you accordingly.


Don’t think for a moment that the sexual energy you are now dancing with is not conscious or intelligent. It is both and it is the Life Force Energy (or part of God) that is you!  This is a dance of integration done together. You cannot force your agenda, speed up the process or fool yourself into believing you have done something you have not yet done (that pesky ole ego will do all it can to stop this amazing, empowering, life changing process.)


Continue all the way up the body until you are efficiently able to control your sexual energy and orgasm out of any chakra at will.  Bringing up the energy through your head should become effortless with practice.  That is when you know you have fully integrated your soul energy into every cell, every molecule and every aspect that is you.


The next adventure is moving this energy without your hands and simply with your intimate connection within yourself.  You want to move it up and through your entire body and orgasm out of your head with your shear will.


When you are ready within, your magnetic counterpart will appear to you within your own soul energy.  This counterpart may be a physical incarnation with whom you have or are journeying. Your counterpart also may be a part of your spiritual team, not incarnated, but exchanging and embedding their magnetic codes within you as you experience the interplay of Kundalini exchange.


(To be continued…  I know I have two other chapters of this book written… somewhere, just not on this computer.  If I find it, I will continue to copy and paste.  If not, I will start updating from my current understandings.)

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The Lost Codes of Shambhala – Part 5

kudanlini fire of freedom

My Story and (in)Complete Understanding:

(Added Note 1/13/13:  2 Years ago, I really thought I understood all there was to understand about this amazing experience in my journey, boy was I wrong!  There is so much more understanding, purpose and reason it all happened exactly as it did.  When I completely finish publishing what I had written 2 years ago, i will start to write to fill in all the things that I did not know then.)

One day, without any warning what so ever, I got into my holy bathwater; the place I had been doing meditations and the very place I related to as my new “church”.  Something I saw as horrible at the time took place. My body started to vibrate to rates of feeling I didn’t know were humanly possible.  Mortified at the intensity of this arousal, I rushed out of the tub, frantic with the feeling that I had lowered my precious sacred place into a gutter of sexual desire.


I spent several days filling my tub and gingerly placing my foot into the water only to tremble with a vibration that would have allowed me to have sex with the water facet. The sensation inside my body had become unbearable, but it only happened in the bath water.  I asked myself how I possibly could have perverted the only place where I felt such unconditional love and patience for me as a bumbling human.  All I could feel was the throbbing of my groin area.


I simply couldn’t turn off that high intensity feeling and I felt desperate for understanding.  My body had a mind of its own, and it didn’t care how holy my bathtub was to me. My body was vibrating at the speed of light just touching the water.  “Marc… help!”  Like a thought on the breeze, there he was in the middle of his night. At the time, he lived in Australia and I lived in North Carolina. He was waiting for me in our online chatroom.  When I expressed my surprise to see him awake and online in the middle of his night, he said he had been awakened and felt I needed him.  How did he know that?  I now understand the intense communication of our DNA but, back then, I had no clue.  The questions that raced through my mind horrified me. I wondered if he knew that I want to do all kinds of sexual things with his astral body simply because my bath water was doing weird, sexual things to my body.  I was to embarrassed to even dare to find out.


I did find the words to ask him about the relentless, intense sexual sensation created by my bath water. And I was able to ask him why I would take my meditations into the gutter of life.  He calmly asked me if I knew what Kundalini was.  Kunda-what?  He told me to look it up, (he was great at giving me non-answers and making me do all the work of understanding). He also suggested that I take the Ankh symbol with me into meditation because it would help ground me.  Not that he would tell me outright, but I wondered what Ankh meant. It was just more to look up.


I researched Kundalini and the Ankh symbol online.  Thank god for the invention of the internet with its semi-instant gratification always at my fingertips.  I say semi because despite reading about those two brand new words, I was clueless as to what they really meant.


I learned that Kundalini was a Sanskrit word (yet another word I’d never heard of) that meant “coiled serpent” and was really an energy of the vital life force that lives at the base of the spine.  Yeah, right where my horny spot is!  I went on to read that when this sleeping serpent wakes up, it is very much like an intense sexual feeling inside.  That would be a huge understatement!  My mind was right there in its doubtfulness wondering what sort of spiritual energy would have you contemplating sex with your bathtub faucet. “The highly charged kind,” I embarrassingly stated to myself.  On the other hand, I thought, “I’ll blame it on the snake that’s in my groin!  Yeah, that’s the reason my holy place is now my sexual gutter place.”  But there would be no going around that one. I knew I had to find a way through it.


The article went on to state that the initiate (into what I was being initiated, I had no clue and God forbid anyone should come right out and tell me) whose Kundalini is awakening is to pull it through to the top of their head.  “Seriously?”  Now, there I was, 38-years-old, and sure that I knew my horny very well.  I knew my body’s energy system, or at least I thought I did.  I was positive that the horny spot was always in the same place every time. I was sure that it could not be moved. The information that it could and does move baffled my doubt filled mind, yet my bathwater edged me on.  Each time I placed my foot into the tub the fire within raged in a relentless, fully blown fury.


I turned the brightest shade of red as I lay in that bathtub throbbing with a sexual desire I never knew could exist and asking the holiest folks in the universe if I could I use my hand to relieve this non-stop pressure.  Imagine my surprise when I heard a resounding “yes” back to my question.  Yikes!


The fire within, the raising of Kundalini energy


So there I was, recalling all the things I had learned about sex and masturbation such as: it is dirty; you do not ever masturbate because God doesn’t want you to do that and, besides, you’ll go blind; it is shameful to be aroused—oh, the list of horrors was vivid! But all I could do was feel what my body insisted I explore; my highly intense sexual vibrations.  Of course, I would be lying if I said that was my first session of self-arousal and release, but it was never before in church!  My bathtub had become as holy a place to me as any church and I felt that I had desecrated it!


My body could not have cared less what my mind tried to devalue. It was on a mission and there was no off button that I could find within me.  My body also seemed to have a very strong knowing within as to what to do with that pulsating energy.


I first had to turn that massive energy into something I could “see” and connect to.  I am a highly visual person, so for me, the best way to work with something is to “see” it.  I was able to visualize the highly intense sexual energy—that was really a Kundalini awakening—as a serpent. That’s what the word ‘Kundalini’ meant; a coiled serpent.


There it was, all coiled up at the base of my spine vibrating me into the outer realms of existence.  I focused on the serpent itself, searching for its face because I wanted to have eye contact with this snake of mine.

In the beginning of this journey, the serpent was a tan and brownish color and a very beautiful creature indeed.  I was able to get him to look me directly in the eyes. Like a snake charmer that uses inner sexual vibration, I initiated a dance with my snake. I controlled the vibrations with my hand and the snake stirred with each wave of highly charged energy bursting through my groin. Now, I refer to this area as my root chakra.


Somewhere from deep inside of that all-knowing place within, I knew that my mission was to get this snake to move up and out of my groin and into my lower abdomen. That area is my sacral chakra.  This incredible, intense dance took days to accomplish.  Each time, my inner vision was trained on the snake and my hand was trained on the movement of energy. Then it happened! My snake moved half of an inch upwards!  Holy cow batman—that was intense!  It was as if my own inner sexual energy hit a new octave, and that octave was amazing!  I knew right then and there that I would see that mission out to the end.  It beat the hell out of that inner child healing that was my first few months of my journey.  I went from understanding the dirge of hell to realizing the song of heaven that lived in my groin and was raising its vibration of the inner chorus.


It took me a few days to get this snake up to my sacral chakra, but I did it!  I asked, “now what?”  Ask and you shall receive. My spiritual team (where they watching me?) told me that I must move the energy up to my sacral chakra effortlessly and equally have an orgasm through my sacral chakra.  Alrighty then! I was on a mission once again; a really intense mission of inner bliss.


Shortly after the Kundalini raising had begun, I realized there were a few rules to the game.  The biggest one was not about sex at all.  I was not to include any fantasy man, real or imagined, on the journey.  I could, however, visualize my own image, either from the present or from a past life, with which to couple in my mind’s ever increasing and ecstatic journey of bliss.


Did you know that anytime you are in a sexual fantasy with someone, that energy travels over to him or her?  If you have ever been suddenly and unexpectedly sexually aroused, someone is most likely doing the wild thing with your energetic impression in his or her mind.  Here is a great little thing to know; once you learn how to really connect with energy, you can trace sexual energies back to the source to discover who is enjoying you without your permission (or with it, whatever the case may be).


At any rate, I was informed that, even though this rapidly intensifying energy feels like sexual desire, its purpose is not about sex.  First and foremost, it is the pathway to really falling in love with yourself from the inside out.  It is a journey of learning and controlling your energetic frequency on every conceivable level.  It is about the fulfillment of fully raising your energetic vibration and merging your spiritual power with your physical presence.  This integration creates a whole new song within your DNA codes. You literally start changing from the inside out.


Let me make that last note as clear as I understand it to be.  The Kundalini energy is to be integrated into each and every chakra repeatedly until raising it up and through each chakra is effortless and can be done at will. This act of repeated energy surging is raising your vibration permanently.  Some people have taken their Kundalini energy and move it through their body once with painful side effects. Some experienced blissful ones. My spiritual team explained that it’s like taking a 210-volt chord and plugging it into a 110-volt outlet.  The power supply (the body) has not been upgraded to hold such a power load. The repeated moving of this energy up and out each chakra actually is reconstructing your power grid within!


The most surprising tidbit of information that my team shared with me is that every time you have an orgasm, whether it be the usual kind with which we are all familiar, or the highly charged kind resulting from the raising of Kundalini, you are actually sending a bit of your energy outward, into the ethers of space and time.


The body must stay whole at all times.  So what you release in your moments of ecstasy comes rushing back to you to fill the void that has now been created.  The sexual release is a highly concentrated spiritual energy and comes back to you ten-fold.  Keep this in mind when you choose to have sex to release some stress.  What you are really doing is inviting more intense stress back into your life.  We will not even talk about forced sex or manipulative sex and the kinds of energies those acts invite to your life.


This energy release through your orgasm should go outward as a gift, either to yourself or to others.  You can say, “allow this energy to reach anyone who may need to feel love in their life,” but be sure you are charging that energy with feelings of love and bliss and not worry over how many bills you have to pay or an argument you may have had.  You can also target this energy for your own higher good.  For example, I am a business owner and when my schedule is down in client load, I will stimulate my Kundalini with the direct intention of bringing to me all those whom I can help for their highest good.  When I release this energy into my hometown, the energy travels outward to those in need and they find their way to me.  Oh, the beauty and power of our magnetic field of attraction!


I was starting to realize just how magical and powerful our bodies really are.  I was experiencing the wonder of moving my Kundalini up through energy centers that, a few short months prior, I didn’t even know existed; creating feelings inside of myself I will never have the words to describe.  As you move this intensely vibrating energy through your higher chakras, the energy vibrates faster and fuller and your mind and body merge into a crescendo of bliss-filled light and feeling.


Within about a month into my Kundalini raising adventure, as every meditation was trained on moving and integrating that fabulous energy that was becoming me, I felt much lighter than I ever dreamed I could feel—and I am talking about my regular day-to-day moments.  Something was coming alive in me and it was as if I was seeing the world for the very first time through my heart center as opposed to seeing life through my ego center.


Something even more amazing was happening as well. My Kundalini serpent started to change color.  At first, it had been a tan and brownish color. Somewhere along the line, it became translucent, and eventually it held the most brilliant rainbow coloring I had ever seen and felt.  To this day, my Kundalini energy / serpent is a translucent mixture of vibrant rainbow energy.


The higher I moved the energy into my body, the longer the integration took.  It seemed to take forever to be able to move that Kundalini energy up and out of my heart center.  I am a trooper though! I sure didn’t give up trying.  It was an amazing adventure and I didn’t care that I had begun calling myself a spiritual slut. Every time I put my toe into that holy bathwater of mine, I was taken to whole other levels of myself and I truly looked forward to each session.


Once I became proficient at moving the Kundalini energy up and out of my base chakra and into my heart center, I decided to see if I could get it up and out the top of my head.  OH MY GOD!!  There is nothing in this world like a full blown genuine head orgasmic release!  Granted, it took me days to move that Kundalini energy from my heart to my head, and even more days to actually be able to direct the energies of an orgasm up and out my head instead of spilling all over my brains (not so bad of a feeling to begin with). But, let me tell you, you become one with all of creation. You can feel every song and every ounce of light that emanates from the universes; all while still housed in a body!


Again, I asked, “now what?”  Much to my surprise I heard, “now you must raise your Kundalini without the assistance of your hand.” What?  I could not believe that was even possible.  You would think that, by then, I would have stopped questioning my spiritual team’s direction. But I kept remembering my humanness.


Sure enough, the next great adventure I had in my holy water was raising my Kundalini from root chakra to crown without my hands involved in anyway, and it only took one time to attempt this amazing feet! Imagine having a full-blown blissful head orgasm simply by being present in your own body and directing the current of your inner electricity.


I was so enamored by the feelings I was having that I never stopped to ask what else is it was doing to me. During that intense leg of my spiritual journey, I sure didn’t care what else it might be doing to me. Just grappling with the fact that a spiritual journey could be filled with ecstasy was enough.  I didn’t take the time to notice that I no longer had ulcer attacks, that I was sleeping like a baby at night, or that my mood constantly was light and airy. I wanted to hug everything with which I came into contact; even my computer because I fell deeper in love with the folks holding my virtual hand in cyber space.  Who and what was I becoming?

(To be continued…)

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The Lost Codes of Shambhala – Part 4

soul energy

Understanding the Soul Energy

Like DNA, understanding the soul energy can get really complicated, so bear with me as I simplify it for readability.

We want to humanize everything.  It is all we have been able to relate to.  We have humanized God with earthly qualities like singularity and gender, love and jealousy, fairness and condemnation—because we humans are like that. We see God in OUR image instead of seeing us in GOD’S image. God is love.  God is a vibration that exists everywhere.  God is even the opposite of God, which is fear.  Fear is simply the lack of Light, love hiding from itself.  There is nothing in existence that is anything other than God.  When you see someone really angry and bitter, consider compassion, because they are simply forgetting they are God.

Soul energy is an individualization of the whole of God.  Very much like the sun’s rays are individualizations of the sun. They are parts of the sun as we are parts of god.

To keep this simple, we are going to talk right now about earth incarnations.  There are trillions of universes we incarnate within, but for this story, that doesn’t matter.  The more we incarnate, the more expanded our soul energy becomes.  The more expanded our soul energy becomes, the closer to the whole it is.  Example: Instead of one ray you may now be hundreds of rays joined together.  This is also known, by some, as group energy or group soul.  Ascended masters are all part of group energy.

Group energies can become individuated, but never separated.  That means my collective soul energy is always a part of my soul energy.  All that was ever learned and experienced, through my group soul energy, is now imprinted on my DNA to which I have access.  More and more understandings appear in my consciousness with every increase of my own physical vibration.  An example of this is that it has taken me ten full years of expanding to be able to ascertain the codes of Shambhala.

There are three ways our soul energy communicates with us.  First, it is imprinted on our very DNA.  Second, we have a field of energy around us, that tethers into the body via the solar plexus (just below the rib cage) and sends energy and signals through our spinal fluids, cranial fluids and hence the whole body.  Third, there is a ball of energy that sits at the very base of our spine that many refer to as Kundalini Energy.  Kundalini is a Sanskrit word (the same place we get the words chakra and Shambhala) that means “coiled serpent” and always refers to our vital life force energy that is ever present at the base of the spine.  It is interesting that this is the same place at which we become aroused. The majority of people on this earth may never even realize they have a sleeping serpent within.  They are not curious about this potent body urge and simply go about meeting that need in the standard, accepted sexual ways. Once you realize you have a sleeping serpent and you are the snake charmer, that this is your vital life force, life takes on a whole new meaning.  More on this soon, back to DNA.

My soul codes, which are imprinted on every strand of my DNA, send out signals for those who need to cross my path to further my awareness and growth.  This is the case for everyone. Everyone! Those who are attracted to me, in one form or another, are also encoded with the same sort of magnetic material to ensure that our paths will cross.  We literally call everything out of the realm of energy and bring it toward us magnetically.

There are those who cross our paths, whose magnetic material is only temporary.  We meet for the lesson and exchange, and, when we have completed that exchange, our magnetic DNA starts to deteriorate.  Ever wonder how you can be madly in love with someone for years and then seemingly wake up to a stranger?  Well, this is how.  Where we get really off track is by staying in a place that no longer energetically serves us whether it is a relationship, house, city or country.  We start to magnetically break down (get sick) when we are no longer in a vibration that serves our soul agenda.  Life is, after all, only about our soul agenda.  We get lost thinking that it is about life.

There are people, farther and fewer between, who are an individuation of your soul energy.  The pull toward each other is so strong that there is little you can do to stop the connection.  Your magnetic field of energy is so invariably intertwined there is nothing you can do to stop the progression of what is to come.  You are so imprinted on each other’s strands of DNA that no ego in the world can come between you and whatever your agenda together is, even if your counterpart is as stubborn as mine.

You can feel each other’s breath even if on the other side of the world from each other and separated by years of silence.  For me, this counterpart is named Marc.

I was barely three months on this path, sitting with my two new friends I hadn’t met in an online chat room.  Two women were helping me understand what was happening to me in my meditations.  I was experiencing everything conceivable from love to joy to bliss; to sounds I’d never before heard. An energy came into the chat room with which none of us were familiar, but each of us could feel to the core of our Being.  His soul energy was so strong that I couldn’t breathe any longer. All I could do was feel, and what a massive feeling that was!

He joined the forum I belonged to and we started talking.  He had told me he stopped his spiritual path four years prior and that he found the chat room by accident.  I no longer believe that. I now believe that our DNA made sure we found each other and felt each other.  His magnetic field irrevocably changed my life that evening and continues its pull to this very day. It doesn’t matter that we have not communicated with each other in many years. As my story unfolds, you will understand why.

What took place back in 2001 was a magnetic interlocking of our DNA strands.  Irrevocable.

Chapter 3

Kundalini and our sexual energy

kundalini energy

Kundalini; Man what a trip!  It is difficult for us humans to fathom the powerful, life enhancing, yet mistaken force within us that is our sexual energy: Our soul embedded within each and every one of us—a reminder of who we are.  It is a reminder of how powerfully and joyfully created we have been.

We know this energy as arousal: That stimulating, tantalizing, and often times mind blowing feeling that echo’s Home to us from our thighs to the hips. Over the eons, man has interpreted sex in many ways, usually missing its inherent purpose. Because it is so powerful and unrelenting, we’ve grown to think of our sexual energy as something bad; something unclean that should only be used to make babies.  But this energy is so powerful that you can create life with it. What does that say about who you are?  It says you are a part of God, that which has created all life and has given YOU the ability to create life. We experience the ecstasy of that power in orgasms. Orgasm has been misinterpreted, too.

Have you ever asked yourself why newborn babies get aroused?  It is because a newborn is more consciously connected to his or her soul energy than are most adults. The soul energy is playing its familiar tune within the little baby body to which the baby naturally responds. Haven’t you ever wondered why arms were created just long enough to reach our upper thigh? We humans easily can stimulate ourselves, which, of course, has been misinterpreted as lewd, somehow; an urge that should be conquered.  Do you think that is a cruel cosmic joke from a God who wants you to look but not feel?  It definitely is not.

This has been the greatest way that the people of earth have lost their internal power and sense of who they are and where they came from.  Our religious leaders of so long ago knew mastery of life was in our sexual energy, so they changed the story about what it really is in order to control the masses.  They hid the truth of who we are with false stories masked as words of God and we continue to believe them.

Our sexual energy is the smallest part of our Kundalini Energy, our vital life force within and many people are even loosing that.  Pharmaceutics now offer pills that force this feeling and experience in our body.  In order to truly access Kundalini energy, you must start getting out of your own darkness.  You must clear your energy body from the fears you have dwelling inside that hane lowered your vibration so much that the song of your soul has become numb.

But even if you have a healthy sexual desire within, awakening the vital life force energy takes some inner house cleaning.  You have got to remove the fears that are blocking out the light of your life.  Once your are in a vibratory space within to allow your Kundalini to awaken, your DNA will send a signal to all of your body to say ready, set, vibrate!

You know it is Kundalini energy because it seems to stop and start on its own and vibrates at the speed of light, which means your whole body is alive with extra intense sensations of arousal.

There are people who have had what is known as a “spontaneous Kundalini Rising” event.  This means that sacred energy that was at the base of your spine, woke up and traveled up your spine to your head and out the crown chakra.  For some, this creates intense bliss and wonderment. For others, it creates confusion, emotional meltdowns and, at times, physical pain.  No matter how this event unfolded, one journey up the spine does not mean that you integrated your vital life force energy into your cellular being and are in the throes of self-enlightenment. It simply means that your body sent you a wakeup call.

When your start to integrate your Kundalini energy into the very core of your body, this creates a pure and utter healing of the physical body.  Because Kundalini energy is your sexual energy, it is also known as sexual healing.  Be perfectly clear that this integration is done alone, without a partner except your higher self. This has nothing to do with the act of intercourse, but a full alignment and integration of your sacred energy within.

I would like to share my story of Kundalini awakening with you.  This part is one of the most important aspects in the journey of Spiritual Empowerment.  What I do want to make perfectly clear is that Kundalini energy MUST be integrated into your cellular structure.  The integration takes absolute focus and control of your full energy system and is a very powerful journey within.

Everything I have learned and understood about the integration process came only from my spiritual guides and teachers within myself.  My Kundalini awakening happened about six months into my path.

(To be continued…  )

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