The Fire

Before I talk about the adventures beyond the massage table with Frank, I want to back up just a moment and share something very important.

The Arousal Zone

Frank had allowed me to realize a major and very strange shift happened in my body.  Whenever he and I were kissing or cuddling or take a stroll in the Holy Gutter together, my horny spot, moved!

Holy cow did it move!

Every time I got aroused it was never in my groin, it was always in my heart center.  Now, that is not to say the rest of me wasn’t joining the party in my heart, but that familiar intensity that happens when we become sexually aroused would dance and throb at my heart center, right smack dab between my breasts.

At first, I thought it was a fluke.  But it became very very apparent  this is not a fluke but the new way of feeling!

I had to take a bath to understand what happened.  Frank wasn’t my first adventure of love and sex since my bathtub odyssey with Marc’s soul, but I don’t recall ever feeling in my body, like I did with Frank.

My spiritual team told me that my relationship at the end of 2002-03 served to clear the last of the emotional (relationship focused) debris that was left in me.  And my god, he did a great job, to the point he kicked up my core issue to the surface like no one else ever could have… abandonment!

It became clear within me, that while we have any lingering, unresolved issues within us, the energy we were born with will remain to do what it was always meant to do, clear our core in the ways it was designed to clear it.

Once cleared (a few dust particles, obviously is ok) the energy system within, shifts.


The only thing I understood about Kundalini going into 2006 was it was an alive energy within the body that I had control of, when I so desired to control it. I knew it was a massive ball of energy, my (our) pure soul energy that was housed at the base of our energy system/root chakra/groin area.  When it vibrated, there was nothing in this world that could compare to its energy.

I also realized, the more you use it, run it thru your body, the more adjusted the body became to its frequency.

In my bathtub journeys, I don’t think I realized how often, my kundalini energy started vibrating only at the heart area as opposed to the groin.  By this time, nothing was strange in my bathtub, it was just the way of it now.

Having a real, intimate adventure with Frank made me realize there is a lot more going on in my heart area than I ever gave notice to before.

Thru bathtub sessions with my spiritual team and their helping me to understand why my heart is so horny all the time with Frank, they helped me realize something amazing.

My kundalini moved into a permanent place of expression, my heart.  This has always been the goal, for all of us. (Still is.)

The Body and the Energy System

Having Frank on my massage table, I realized, it is hard for me to separate the energy of intimate love that was naturally flowing thru me to him, from the “usual” stream of energy work I was doing with clients.  My whole body was in the experience of energy that was flowing into Frank, boy was it ever.  It was as if we created an amazing bubble of energy that was highly charged with, well, kundalini vibrating at the speed of light.

At this time in my new massage journey, I was doing massages in my living room, so to stop the massage and move to the bedroom with him, easy, at least in movement.

We lay on the bed, for the first time ever, naked, together.  By this time, we were still working out the “do no harm” marriage thing, but this energy field we created together, could care less about all that.  My brain teetered back and forth, should I, or shouldn’t I?

Who the hell cares, when you are vibrating at the speed of light and just a single touch is open the heart frequency in ways I never thought possible… I shut the brain off and just gave into the experience in progress.

The very moment his hand touched my vagina  something really really new happened.  This really hot stream of energy encompassed my entire core energy and the next thing I knew, my entire consciousness was outside of my body.

This is AMAZING!!

We do not realize how incredibly limiting being housed up inside a body really is, until you take the intensity of a highly aroused energy field and move on out.  Phew!

My consciousness was up at the ceiling, just to the left of my body.  The more his hand maneuvered my vagina, the larger my consciousness expanded and exploded with feeling.   I had no earthly idea we are capable of feeling like I was feeling up on my ceiling.  The light that was sparking everywhere.  Yes, the only time I looked, I could see our bodies on the bed, but who cares about that.

Well, I must have forgotten this was a party for two, I was engrossed in my own field of experience. fully!!!

And then Frank spoke.  It was like glass shattering everywhere.

My whole field collapsed and wham I was right back into my body and I was so pissed!

In my expanded, Self consumed place of expanding bliss, I forgot about Frank really.  Frank was having a really hard time rising to the occasion.  We never went any further than that, ever.

Afterwards we talked about what happened with me and with him.  Suddenly, the words of my mentor were echoing in my head.  “Do not put anyone on a pedestal ”  I did that with Marc, Frank did it with me.

He would always refer to me as “A Holy Woman.”  I was always quick to remind him “no holier than you.”  I never realized how much he felt that.  His whole body shut down from the unworthiness he felt deep inside making love to what he felt was someone Holier than he.  We had tried to be intimate several times after that time, it was never the same and he could not bring his body to breach what he felt was holy.

We ended our relationship not long after that experience.

The Inner Gateway to Shambhala

When I started to download the understandings of Shambhala and sacred sex in 2008, I started to see, from my own experiences, what must take place in the human body to facilitate the wholeness of this sacred energy.

Kundalini IS Pure Soul Energy

Until this very sharing, I never thought twice about why our kundalini, our pure soul energy starts out in the root chakra.  It would sure be a whole lot easier for us humans if it just set itself up in the heart energy.  This morning, I clearly see the reason.

Our whole orientation has been to life.  To the created fields of matter we see and experience before us.  For a long time (eons) we have thought the world of matter is real.  The vibration at the root chakra, at the connection of the world of matter, is the slowest vibrational area of our whole body.  How perfect to put the highest voltage of potential in the slowest moving area?  We sure to notice as it awakens.

Sadly, we think it has to do with sex.  The pureness of our soul energy is highly arousing, erotic, adventurous and well, felt intensely.

Going out and having sex, any sort of sex, is like drying off from a shower you have yet to take.

Our kundalini is set up in our most base experience center.  The connection with earth and  the appearance of life outside of us.

The point of this whole awakening experience has always been to connect to our true, pure soul energy and integrate it, bit by bit, into the wholeness of our energy field.  To enliven every strand of energy, of pathways within the body.

To have such an intimate and full relationship with the Self, for ever.  Not just for a fleeting moment of experience.

To take the illusion of this life and find what is real within yourself.  Moving the energy of your soul up and into the sacral chakra expands your sense of Self in a way that can only be done by the Soul, what many would call the Higher aspect of You.

This deeply intimate journey can only be had by you.  There is not another person in this world that could do it for you.  EVER.  I don’t care how many outside sources you go to for this activation or that activation, until you harness your own power within on your own, you are having momentary experiences of what could be an ever lasting experience!

Pulling your soul energy up thru you, over and over again, comes with such amazing benefits   Visions, understandings, experiences that will be ever lasting for as long as you don’t quit, or give your power over to someone else to do it for you.

In the internal journey of moving your own kundalini energy, you are rewiring your entire internal House.  Upping the voltage of your life and setting up a new home for your soul, the home it has always been meant to live within, your Heart!

(To be continued…)

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  1. Hi Lisa, this is 12/6/14 and I have come across the first eight chapters of The Lost Codes of Shambhala and am trying to find the next chapter, if there is one. Mind blowing and I want to read the rest of it. Could you tell me where to go to find Chapter 9 —– Sandra

    • As Lisa writes at the end of part 6:
      ” If I find it, I will continue to copy and paste. If not, I will start updating from my current understandings”
      I guess the latter has happened. So this is it. And Lisa is not only reading facebook comments and e-mail, so therefore I respond 🙂 ❤
      Wish you happy journey

  2. Hey Lisa I have had an ongoing experience from root chakra to heart center.. My husband has been very open to the experience of leaving the body in lower vibration… Having more desire to experience whole ness through self than traditional sex ( which we were more like rabbits for 10 years) We have been married 12 years and have a very traditional marriage…yet it harbors no dependency ..once this kundalini experience has taken place..there is no turning back.. It is beyond intimacy ..the best I can explain .. Bliss .. As u discovered….. So happy to experience this as whole ness on earth as a present to self now… The way you explained it as leaving the body… Yes heart center…can only be experienced inside oneself…so true…yet grounded in the root chakra to the heart…
    Heart to heart Robyn …my wordpress defaults to my about come visit my website

      • Thing is it hasn’t felt super sexual for me and at times has caused discomfort… this started happening maybe a couple of years ago. It is bringing my attention to stuff I need to work on in preparation for whats to come though 🙂 I just wrote about it on meditation blog.. i’ deliver you the link on fb!

        andddd…..woooop!! Bring on The Guardians!!!

        When you see the Guardians what do they look like to you?? Once a couple of years back a Being presented itself to me, I saw with my 3rd eye the most beautiful male (only if I had to choose) feline featured being made of the most beautiful golden light… a bit like it was drawn using those art/drawing kits you used to get where you would scratch off the black surface to reveal the copper surface underneath… only it was the most perfect golden light. So much LOVE radiated forth from this Being… honestly, I would love to experience this again… on a daily basis preferably!

        I kinda feel this was a guardian… what do you think?? xx

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