The Lost Codes of Shambhala – Part 6


The Merging and Sharing of Kundalini Energy

After blissful months of learning how to hold and integrate the Kundalini energy through every chakra and every cellular structure of my being, then finally being able to release this wonderful energy from the top of my head, I was I had satisfied my super charged bathwater. Not even close.


When I put my foot into the bathwater, I was caught off-guard. Wham! There was the electrical current of heaven surging through my entire body once again.  And, once again, I was baffled. I had no idea what more I could possibly learn or integrate. Granted, that was an amazing adventure, but I was really feeling like a spiritual slut.  For months I had envisioned myself with myself, with former images from past lives, even the snake within had become the man/energy/object of my dreams. Since I’d had every conceivable encounter with myself as well as with the far-from-sleeping Kundalini serpent, all I could ask was, “Now what?”


Well, once again, ask and you shall receive!  In a split second the energy of my mentor from down under, Marc, showed up in all his ethereal loveliness. I was blissfully within my meditative world wondering what on earth to do with him. However, our spiritual bodies already knew what to do.  I became an observer and feeler of all that was about to unfold.


I lay in my bath exploding with feeling and anticipation as I watched Marc’s glowing white Kundalini serpent emerge from his root chakra and leap toward me.  His serpent leaped out of his body and into my root chakra while my rainbow colored serpent took the same journey over to him.  I didn’t know that we could share our Kundalini energy, but man oh man, yes we could!


For weeks I watched as my serpent would leave me and be a part of him and vise versa.  Sometimes, the snakes were simply jumping from chakra to chakra as if in their own magical dance of energy exchange.  His serpent would jump into my sacral chakra while mine jumped into his, then, on the next jump, it would move one chakra up to the solar plexus then to the heart.  There was even a time when the serpents were simply moving in and out of the crown chakra as if having intense sex with our crown energies. Our serpents were never out of our own bodies for longer than a minute or two, but in this realm of experience, that was long enough for heaven to be experienced with each new wave of feeling.


In between the moments of bliss, joy and pure amazement at what was transpiring in feeling and visuals, my mind would creep in and ask if I should be doing this heated and intense exchange with Marc’s soul energy. In those days, I would never connect with his physical body. I only connected with his soul energy in pure form. But I had not asked for his permission and I sure as heck had never told him what had been taking place in my meditations. Nor was I posting about it anywhere on that spiritual forum.  For as comfortable as I was in asking him various spiritual questions, I sure was not comfortable sharing the fact that I was ravaging his body and soul in ways even the greatest romance novel could not have imagined.


I reminded myself that Marc had already given me permission by stating that I could do whatever I wanted, however I wanted at any time I wanted in meditation with his higher self.  I assumed that the heavenly bliss of erotic Kundalini exchange was included in that statement.


The next embarrassing question that emerged from my mind was, “does he know what we are doing within my meditations.” This was a man who knew when I was having a spiritual crisis and would wake up from a sleep to be online to help me through it. If he knew what I/we were doing, I’d be mortified!


We never really talked heart to heart; only spirit to spirit.  I asked questions; he provided insight.  I was never one to share the depths of my emotions anyway, and he never insisted that I try.  I decided to tip toe into finding out whether or not he was aware of what was taking place. I would simply say, “you showed up in my meditation today,” and he would simply reply, “that’s nice.”  Nice would be an understatement! It was heaven in a bathtub!  I wondered if he had sexually intense dreams while he slept in the land down under and I was having mad passionate Kundalini explosions due to his glowing white serpent.  To this day, I have no clue.


From the human perspective and repeated patterns of being, one cannot have this intense and intimate exchange without wanting to give the person sharing the experience (even if unknowingly) all the love that now courses through ones veins.  I was falling madly and deeply in love with that highly charged mentor of my inner world.


Over the course of the next six months, every single time I went into meditation, I would demand that my spirit guides dry up the oceans that kept Marc and me apart so we could meet in person.  The way I was looking at it, if he could rock my world in meditation I could only imagine what it would be like in the physical world experience.


Not mature enough to understand


Just under a year and a half after my Kundalini wonderland experience, the beautiful, vibrant universe gave me my heart’s deepest desire, which was to spend time in the physical world with Marc.


By that time, I had followed my path for exactly 16 months, maturing and expanding into what I thought was a good pace.  Little did I realize just how little I understood.


About two hours before I got the news that Marc’s flight was rerouted from a Hong Kong layover to a New York City layover, one of my spiritual masters threw me for a loop in meditation.  She, The Blessed Mother, had said to me “My proverbial son, your brother, will be coming soon.”  Two hours later, I get news that I was going to not only get to meet Marc, but also spend five glorious days with him at my place. I didn’t think life could get any better until I wondered what the Blessed Mother meant by proverbial son. Was Marc Jesus? My fantasies came to a screeching halt.


The joy that blasted through my entire being the day I picked him up from the airport was amazing.  We hugged and my heart was in heaven.  My mind, however, was preoccupied with whether or not he was Jesus and I was not about to take any chances.  I would not make the first move to have sex with him and, even though every cell inside my body screamed for it, I found a reserve inside I didn’t know I possessed.


The room we slept in had two beds. He slept in one and I slept in the other. We slept about five feet apart.  Something happens at night when all is quiet.  I think our magnetic fields rev up, because I literally had to hold onto the mattress of my bed so my whole body didn’t fly over and merge with his. I had to do this every night.  The pull wasn’t so strong during the day, but there was something about laying close to one another, silent and still, that super-enhanced my energy field as if he was the other side of a magnet.  It wasn’t even sexual really, just a pull, like when you have two strong magnets attracting each other.


We never had sex. He was too polite and I was too worried that he was Jesus.  We did hug at least 500 times and each time I just wanted to crawl inside his body to live.

Ten years later; a full understanding


When my Kundalini started vibrating, my spiritual team told me exactly what to do and how to do it.  What they didn’t explain to me was that it was changing my DNA encodings.  Each time I was able to raise my Kundalini and fully integrate it into the chakra area, new DNA codes were being written within my biology.  I was changing my magnetic resonance and calling other vibration encodings toward me.


The raising and integrating of Kundalini with myself was the full unlocking of the divine feminine within me (since I happen to be female in this lifetime.)  The second phase of this Kundalini integration, which included Marc’s Kundalini, was the full integration of the masculine energy within me.


Let me also add here that not everyone has a physically incarnated counterpart.  Some are still in the spiritual world, but when you are ready for that integration, they will show up for you, and only when you are ready.  You cannot force this sacred dance.


Since Marc and I are from the same soul energy, his magnetic encodings blended and merged within mine and mine blended and merged with his.  I did not have even the remotest comprehension of what this would mean or could mean.  When we lay still (both of our minds at rest) only five feet apart, our DNA wanted to return to their normal state, which is together, and not split into two people. I never knew that a pull to anyone on earth could be so strong that I would have to actually hold myself in place. Nonetheless, that attraction does exist and, not only is it the weirdest experience; it also is not all that pleasant. Now, if my spiritual team hadn’t confused me by alluding to the fact that Marc is the proverbial son, Jesus, the story definitely would have turned out very differently.


It served a purpose, though.  Our consciousnesses are challenged to discern whether or not we are going to persevere on our spiritual paths. I would never act in a way that would detract from a person’s higher good even if every fiber of my being ached from longing. Up to that point I still thought Jesus was a celibate incarnation of God, therefore, I surely was not going to do anything that could be spiritually adverse to either Marc or myself.



12 Years Later (2013), A fuller Understanding

I cannot share this part of the book without throwing out a word of caution with it.  When all the further understanding came into my consciousness when I sat down to write this book two things were made completely clear.

1. First and foremost, the exchange that happened between my energy and Marc’s soul energy was a binding.  A binding so complete it cannot be undone.  We may be incarnated in two very different bodies, appearing to have two very different consciousnesses, and in two very separate area’s of the world, but none of that has ever mattered.

Over the last 10 years, the time we stopped talking to each other, at all, every time I am at the cusp of a higher vibrational rate and need my new codes expanded, he always emerges in my meditations.  The exchange always intensifies the vibration of kundalini and a new adventure begins.  Always with new and fuller understandings and even abilities within me.

Science has already proven that DNA strands from the same source, when separated  still react to the stimuli if the other no matter the distance between the two.  I promise you, the same is true for two bound humans!  Like it or not!

However, all of this came with a twist in the downloading of the book/understanding in 2010.

2.  “My proverbial son, your brother, will be coming soon.”

No matter how cryptic and incredibly confusing spirit wants to be with their words, they always hold valuable information within them and only when you are fully ready to understand, the fullness is always made clear.

Took me ten whole years to understand why that beautiful Blessed Mother impeded would could have made this a very different story! I will never ever forget her words, word for word.  The Blessed Mother had been referring to a wonderful smokey quartz crystal loaded with trigonics (upside down triangles) that Marc brought me from South Africa.  Inside that crystal was a scroll written by Jesus.  But that is another story in itself and not needed for this book.  This aspect I actually realized in 2008.

The brother part, when the fullness of this part of her words was fully revealed to me, I just had to sit back in my chair.

In 1960 or 61, I had brother, the only other living person who was created by my mother and father (all my other brothers and sisters are half’s.)  He lived only for a couple of weeks and passed due to a respiratory infection (if I remember the story correctly.)  When I was shown the soul aspect of myself that is Marc as that which would have been my older brother had he lived, I just sat back in my chair.

This is why our binding is so strong and so complete.  In his DNA is also mine, literally.


How to fully and completely integrate your Kundalini Energy


I mentioned earlier that there are those who have felt their Kundalini awaken and quickly move from the base of their spine right out the crown chakra allowing them to experience amazing bliss.  This DOES NOT mean you have integrated your soul energy, but your higher self allowed you the knowing of what the experience entails.  It is very much a near death experience. It is not the end of the journey, but merely the beginning!


Your energy will awaken within you. Do not force it awake, as you are in a physical body and it can physically hurt you if your container is not prepared to experience it. When it does waken, the first thing you want to do is internally connect to it, become aware of it and familiar with it.


My Kundalini became a serpent that I could see and with which I could connect.  I have heard other people say that they saw their energy as a ball of light. Others had intimate feeling/knowing connections and so on.  There are no right or wrong methods. The only thing that matters is your conscious connection to the intense vibrating energy at the base of your spine (usually felt from just above the hips through mid thigh).


Once you have a conscious connection with your soul energy, use your hand or finger to really connect and feel with it.  Through trial and error (what fun errors these times are) you will learn to control the rate and speed of the vibration and with locking onto your energy you can start to pull it upward toward your belly button (sacral chakra).  You cannot mistake when you have moved this energy even a fraction of an inch because the sensations within your body intensify!


Keep in mind that this time is about you and only you.  If you bring in a fantasy man or woman to enhance the experience, then it no longer is about Kundalini integration. If you must create visuals (which we all do sooner or later), then see yourself getting up from your body and having sex with your own body.  The beauty of who we really are, androgynous creatures, means that even the female vision of my body can have a penis if need be. You can even use past life forms if you have had encounters.  The point is that raising Kundalini energy is about you with YOU and not anyone or anything else!


You will also find that as you really start to move your energy out of its sleeping place, many old memories seem to come up to the surface and fly away.  Even if the memory is unpleasant, you are so wrapped up in your state of inner ecstasy that it doesn’t even bother you as it releases itself from you.  This is truly what sexual healing means and is all about.


As you succeed in moving your energy from your base chakra to your sacral chakra, don’t feel bad if you have had an uncontrollable orgasm.  Mastery over your body system takes practice and concentration, and the more you practice the quicker you succeed at being able to control and direct your orgasm.


The goal is to become efficient at moving your sexual energy up out of your hips and out through your sacral chakra (just below the belly button).  Don’t worry if you don’t know where all your chakras are located, you are not in this event alone, and your higher self knows exactly where everything is and where to help you with mastery.  I didn’t even know what chakras were until after I fully integrated this energy.  Just simply be in the experience and out of your mind!


Once you can effortlessly move your sexual energy up to your sacral chakra and orgasm out that area with ease, it is time to start pulling the energy up to the next chakra, (which for most people is the Solar plexus, just under the rib cage).  I say most people because over the last three years I have noticed some people have what I call a sacral plexus chakra, located between the root sacral chakra and the solar plexus.  Your own energy system will know if you have developed this and will instruct you accordingly.


Don’t think for a moment that the sexual energy you are now dancing with is not conscious or intelligent. It is both and it is the Life Force Energy (or part of God) that is you!  This is a dance of integration done together. You cannot force your agenda, speed up the process or fool yourself into believing you have done something you have not yet done (that pesky ole ego will do all it can to stop this amazing, empowering, life changing process.)


Continue all the way up the body until you are efficiently able to control your sexual energy and orgasm out of any chakra at will.  Bringing up the energy through your head should become effortless with practice.  That is when you know you have fully integrated your soul energy into every cell, every molecule and every aspect that is you.


The next adventure is moving this energy without your hands and simply with your intimate connection within yourself.  You want to move it up and through your entire body and orgasm out of your head with your shear will.


When you are ready within, your magnetic counterpart will appear to you within your own soul energy.  This counterpart may be a physical incarnation with whom you have or are journeying. Your counterpart also may be a part of your spiritual team, not incarnated, but exchanging and embedding their magnetic codes within you as you experience the interplay of Kundalini exchange.


(To be continued…  I know I have two other chapters of this book written… somewhere, just not on this computer.  If I find it, I will continue to copy and paste.  If not, I will start updating from my current understandings.)

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