The Lost Codes of Shambhala – Part 3


Chapter 2
The Magnetic Fields of Earth and DNA

I am not going to talk about these two fields as a science project; I would be so far over my head if I did.  What I am going to share is what I do understand about them, spiritually speaking.

The magnetic fields of earth

Some years ago I started to see (within meditation) energy boundaries around the earth.  From what I remember, these boundaries were approximately five miles out into earth’s atmosphere and protected planet earth from incoming energy.  I would be shown a massive ball of energy hitting these fields and literally moving the energy boundaries and affecting the earth.  I had no idea what it meant, but it was fascinating to watch and feel.
Now, I get it.  Every time an asteroid comes into this atmosphere it is bringing with it some super charged energy from the outer reaches of the universe.  These super charged particles affect every aspect of life including our DNA.

Our DNA is tuned to the energy of all life.  Our bodies are tuned to the energies of all life.  Our energy centers are tuned to the energy of all life.  When even the smallest particle of any energy changes, the whole of earth is affected.  Think of it this way; every time you choose love instead of fear, you have altered the energy field of earth for the highest good.  I hope that small, but profound, statement gives you a scope of how profound you are, and how vital you are to life’s story.  But I am getting ahead of myself again.  Back to earth.

The sun and earth exist within a divine marriage to each other.  They work together in amazing harmony.  The sun serves to amplify the earth’s energy, enhancing her in every way.  When the sun emits solar flares or solar winds, it has a massive effect on planet earth, including the people living here.  Every emotion from the sun is creating change on earth and within our bodies.  The higher in frequency you are connected (that pesky crown chakra) the more profound the change will be within the physical body.  However, there is a side effect to this wonderful dance of light energy. That is that, the more aligned to fear you are, the more devastating the effect will be to the body.

We are currently in a solar maximum time, which means the sun is sending radiation to us a lot.  The solar flares, solar tsunamis, solar winds and everything else the sun sends to us will pick up its frequency as we approach 2012.  We are truly becoming Light filled humans.  Those who are having a hard time removing themselves from the fear realm will simply break down and recycle their energy back into the universal All.  This is neither good nor bad; it is just how it has been since creation created creation.

If getting bombarded with light energy from the sun was not enough to make our hair stand on end, we also receive energy from storms, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes and so on.  Our mother has to release old stored energy in order to accommodate the new higher light energy.  She does this in any of the above-mentioned ways.  So we truly are getting hit coming and going.  Ever feel like you are on a wild emotional roller coaster ride?  You are!  Don’t expect to get off anytime soon.

If you want to know how your day may feel, see what the sun is doing.  You can either strap in, or breath easy, at least for a day or two.


Our DNA is Light Encoded

We have 12 strands of the most amazing material encoded in every single, solitary cell within our body.  Our science so far has access to one single strand; the double helix, which gives us our genetic code of life.  Many say this cannot be altered, I beg to differ.  I know it can.

Oh, the wonder and magic of the unseen parts of our physical makeup!  Today’s science will lead you to believe that 97% of our DNA is “junk.” This is because scientists cannot “see” what it does under a microscope yet. One day, they will—just as they grew to accept microbes and galaxies. Science understands one strand, but not fully. The part of layer one that is inter-dimensional, science does not look at, at all.

Creation does not create “waste” or “junk”.  These beautiful, amazing strands are not part of the left over evolution of the human species—quite the opposite really.  They lie within a semi-dormant state until activated, balanced, and utilized by the consciousness of their host body—YOU!

Your DNA is constantly shifting and changing; at least the 11 strands science does not see, which equally affect the one strand it can see.

I am not going to go into the complexity of the metaphysical attributes of your DNA. It is not needed for this book. I just want you to have a clear picture of how you work and how the world works around you.  Your DNA is vital part of your story’s whole.

You see, even your DNA has magnetic codes with it.  Magnets pull things to them, so does your DNA pull everything you have ever experienced in life, to you.

Now imagine this; you have a new filament of light hit your body, penetrate your DNA magnetic field of energy and you start to send out signals to attract what you need for your life’s experience. Let’s start with a worse-case scenario.

Perhaps you are a deeply mental thinker and analyze everything. You never stop at your heart for the real details. This magnetic field may just allow a brain tumor to grow, or you may attract to you a head on collision to help alter your constant mental activities. What and how we attract things to us are so amazingly vast that I cannot lay them out onto one place. I can simply offer you a wide scope to look at.

Perhaps you are someone who is very cold in the heart, judging and condemning everything. Your DNA sends out signals attracting the very same kind of person to you. This is so that you will look at yourself in the mirror of another.  Usually though, we reject those mirrors that make us feel uncomfortable and blame them for the way we feel.  We do the same thing with illnesses and diseases. We justify them as hereditary problems, mask them with drugs, or surgically remove the effected parts.  No matter how we are (not) dealing with them, they have to continue and expand.  They expand until you alter you’re DNA, which eradicates that magnetic field.  You alter it by changing your approach to anything that does not serve the higher good.

Let’s say you start to change or at least get an inkling that you need to change. Your magnetic field within your DNA changes rapidly and starts attracting that which you need to facilitate and accommodate whatever changes you are focused on.

For me, the massive change came the day I begged God to get me out of the hell that was my life.  I knew I needed a new direction and had no clue what that even meant.  I was 38 years old and my life had fallen apart… again.  I couldn’t bear it any longer and begged for direction.

My DNA did its job by inserting an insistent urge into my brain that I needed a Ouija Board. A book I had just read that had miraculously appeared on my desk instigated this urge. Even though I didn’t understand or believe in Ouija Boards, I had to surrender to this strong magnetic pull to find one and have a session. On 11/11/00, the evening of a full moon, I had a Ouija Board session and my life has never been the same since—thank goodness!

My Ouija Board worked that evening, never to work again. For eight hours, a spirit communicated through the Ouija Board then left me hanging on a cliff. I had to find some way to reconnect with that spirit! My DNA, that magnetic master of creation that it is, pulled up a website for me on the computer that not only led me to understand meditation, but also was host to many other humans looking for the same sort of change that I was.

New friends appeared on that site to help me understand this new world I was now attracting at a furious pace.  My prior life seemed to have exited and shut the door.

The whole story of your life’s potential is written within the strands of your DNA.  Every pain you needed to experience, every friend you needed to meet, every nemesis you had to encounter, were pushing you further into the Glory of your life’s story.  Sometimes, we don’t listen at all, so our story with this set of DNA comes to an end and we incarnate again with a whole new field of potential.

Allow me to confound you just for a moment: Every lifetime after this one is also encoded in your DNA.  We simply have been lead to believe we had to physically die in order to bring in a whole new set of codes in our DNA.  We do not.

Ascension is programmed into our DNA. 

Let me take a moment and thoroughly explain what ascension is in our lifetime. It is crucial for the story, “your story,” to be understood.

When we have a physical death, the soul consciousness disembarks from the physical body, returning to that place I call spirit and many call heaven.  Any other location, like purgatory or hell, is a fear-mongering myth created by religions to maintain power over people. Fear creates power and that has worked well over the centuries. Now, it’s time to follow YOU.

When you have disconnected from the earth energy and are back in that wonderful space of spirit or heaven, you take a look at the life you have just lived, along with all the other lives you lived. You are building an epic story. Don’t think for a moment that you live only once. That would be a tragic, lose-lose game.

You look at all the lessons you mastered, all the wisdom and knowledge you applied, all the human traits you accomplished, and embed that into your soul energy.

For example, let’s say that you were a master violinist during your most previous prior lifetime. Your DNA is encoded with that mastery when you next incarnate. And let’s say, at three-years-old, you find a violin lying around. You pick it up and play it as if you were part of a magnificent orchestra.  Your parents beam with pride and say you are a prodigy. Well, in human terms, you are! In spiritual terms, you have mastered that aspect and it is now a permanent part of your Being.

The same is true for everyone, including those of us who have chosen to live within the field of light.   I have incarnated many thousands of times in many different aspects of metaphysics.  Because of this life-focus, I have mastered many things in this spiritual world within which I live; including how to read the codes of DNA.  This took work and shedding the DNA codes from my life up to that Ouija Board experience.  I chose not to physically die to reincarnate. I choose to change my internal settings, completely clear my energy body of fear and bring in a whole new set of DNA codes.  This takes absolute work and dedication to yourself.

There were aspects that were already part of the first phase of this life package.  I already mastered compassion because it was simply part of my being/personality construct.  As an eight year old, I had shut down the knowledge I had been taught through the catholic church. I had discovered that what Jesus taught and what my church taught were not even in the same ball fields.  The church asked me not to return. I was soon given up for the foster system.

This brings me to the next encoding of our DNA strands.  Not only are the things we mastered in a life encoded in our soul energy, which of course imprints on every strand of DNA, but also everything we didn’t accomplish as well.  For me, it was being put to death for being spiritually connected (among other things).  Now granted, I wasn’t really killed in this lifetime, but I might as well have been the day they took me away from my family.  I lost my church, my parents, my brother and sister all because I could see and talk to Jesus, his mom Mary and a being from the Pleiades named Franklyn.

I learned as a small child in this lifetime that one should not dare to be different, but at age 38 and to the present day, I dared! I have faced and overcome every conceivable fear embedded in my head.  Every time I overcame a fear, a new code was embedded within my DNA.  Then, I had to realize it was there, take it out and use it.

Talk about ascension makes it sound romantic and lighthearted. On the contrary, to die without dying, or ascend, takes work and 150% diligence on your life’s consciousness.  You cannot have a sleeping part of you exist and still ascend.

Fortunately, again, that wonderful and pesky DNA of ours knows what you need and how you need it.  It will call forth from the heavens all you require that will push you forward and keep you diligent on your mission.  We do have the free will to ignore all that and keep on doing it the same old way.  No worries, one way or another, you will keep playing this game until you find the mastery you have sought.

(To be continued…)

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