The Tree of Life Grows in Loves Garden With and As You.

The Divinity Network, the Tree of the promised life, is well underway.  A root system deep in the fields of love, held sacred and hidden to most of humanity, for now.  

The seeds of this potential were released to created matter thru the portal of the 11/11/11.  Scattered about creation thru many a human heart.  Fueled by the fire of Love burning within your Heart.

The solidification of Heaven on earth happens a little differently than you are accustomed to.  In your created universe, you put a seed into soil and a root system grows.  In the heaven that is now unfolding on earth, you have always been the root system.  The love in your heart, the support of your life to a seed willing to turn her back on all that she loved in created matter to take up gardening without understanding or seeing what any of that means.

You have loved and supported her to here.  Without you, she would have withered and died and returned to the family tree.  Your winds of Love have kept her strong, unwavering in the blind faith forward.

And the Tree has emerged in created matter.  Like a baby in the womb of its mother, it is still developing and growing.  The growth process shall span the length of this summer and emerge as its full Divinity by the Fall Equinox.  You are all the sacred gardeners of the Tree of Love, of Life.  We honor you All more than you can ever realize right now.  The growing potential in the womb of creation will provide more than you have ever dreamed.

Hold steady, hold diligent, hold divine sacred love in every breath.  The Sacred Tree of Life is in Your Loving Care.

The Guardians of Shambhala


Before I share anything, I want to apologize to the Guardians for filtering their expression.  They wanted to share more, but with that, they would have placed me in a Light I do not wish to be held within… not out loud anyway.  I know in my heart the depth of what we are All doing.  That is enough.  …and they (the Guardians) smile.  I love them so much!!

In their sharing of words, I was able to see in an amazing light show what their words really represent.  Let me attempt this profound and humbling visual.

There are so many of you that have held my hand, held my heart and even held my financial world thru this massive transition that I call my life… which really is humanities life.  I could see the roots of this tree take pure Light energy as we moved thru the 11/11/11 portal of time.  Each root I was able to see (and we really do have a vast root system in place already) was glowing white… loving light.  A circle of root energy around the globe, held in created place by you.

Indeed, I arrived Here, in this space, completely blind folded, but with a fist full and heartful of absolute trust in my guiding Light within.

As the Guardians were speaking, I could see and feel, and remember your flow of love towards me and whatever on earth I am doing.  Emails, facebook messages, gifts of chocolate via the mail, rock solid energy of love (via the rocks mailed here) and the tremendous generosity of donations and reading bookings.  Your individual and collective root system birthed this potential, this event now happening.

Each of you have been and continue to be the pure fertilizer of the seed energy that has now gave birth to the Heaven on Earth story.  Shambhala.

I was able to feel the winds of your love blowing thru your glowing white roots, deep within the earth towards my (crazy) life.  And the release of accumulated high heart breath energy allowed the full birth of this Tree of Life.

We have begun in earnest and yet, there is still so much to do.

We are all going to find these next 3 months expansive beyond comprehension and demanding beyond belief.  Much will be asked of all of us holding the Light of Shambhala within our DNA.

There are other seed tree’s out there.  This one, will give birth to many.  Life does Love to reproduce itSelf.

I am going to close on that note.  Altho none of what I wanted to share today actually came out.  But hey… since when am I ever in charge!!

To the Tree of Life and the roots of Love that is US… ALL of Life thanks You!


Lisa Gawlas and the Guardians of Shambhala