Tuning to the Partnered Harmonics of Shambhala Frequency.

I feel like I have been waiting a lifetime to be in this unfolding experience, as always, excited to share whatever it is that I am learning, that is unfolding for all of us to experience with full awareness.  Now that I am in it, it is not so easy to share.

We have learned, if not had it beaten into us thru religion and family, society itself… to keep our intimacy secret.   We do it behind closed doors and so many become offended when someone dares to love out loud, in a public way.  Yet, look at nature.  It loves and expresses out loud each and every day.

I honestly feel like I have entered the combined expression of love, love in energetic motion, for the first time in all my life.  Not only am I fully present in the experience, I am watching, from the inside out, every change taking place within the body’s and within the air space.

Keep in mind, we are in the very beginning stages of unfolding and understanding, very much with training wheels in place.  There is no doubt that as we change and grow, this information and the understandings that I share, will equally change and grow.

Because I am not in this experience alone and so many things are happening within my partners body, his soul, his life… I have asked him if, when he is ready, if he would share his experiences and understandings thru this space.  He has agreed.

Life itself was designed to procreate.  In our limited view of our selves, we only think of procreation resulting in a human baby.  The magnificence of creating a human baby is Life itself saying “You are creator Gods, this you can create and so much more.”  Humanity stopped at the baby.

My partner, Rick and I, have entered into a conscious co-creation, committed agreement with the Heavens of bringing forth an energy baby we have already named Shambhala.  Shambhala is not our baby, but humanities!

There is not a human on earth that does not have their own ability within them to add to and enhance the Shambhala energies.  Look around, life never creates a single thing… ever.  All of life is in multiples.  The more intentional Shambhala babies that are birthed onto earth, the stronger, the fuller the Shambhala energies, until one day… it will be the only energy available and humanity will no longer have to work to integrate this pure essence of Heaven being brought to earth, but one day, will be the ongoing Bliss of being alive, aware in created matter.

So from here on out, I shall share all that I see in its transformation stage and beyond and the wisdom of its presentation.  Like with meditation, this conscious intimate exchange of loves energy is not about seeing, it is about feeling.  Being so fully present in the feeling of love energy the physical experience seems to fade into the background.

Our personal instructors in this heavenly adventure are both Archangel Michael as well as The Guardians.  This is our journey together, expressed out loud as a living map of our greatest potential.

The instruction set:

Archangel Michael’s first instruction to us was to “Stop having old sex.”  At first, we were both just baffled and confused.  What on earth is old sex???  Well, ask and you shall receive.  We are so accustomed to having the sexual experiences with our bodies.  Feeling the energy inside and focusing on what we like in the body.  In doing this, the vibration, even tho we can take it to incredible heights, remains a part of the body.

Imagine a piano and all the music never goes beyond the piano casing itself.  It would remain an internal sound instead of an external experience for all the world to enjoy.  We humans are made that very same way… and then some!!

The first thing any aspiring pianist must learn about the piano and its relationship to the keys and chords available, is how each sound, what is its specific vibration, what happens of you combine this key with that key.  It is easy to hear the difference in the sound waves when two different notes come together, I equally have the privilege of seeing all that is taking place in the energetic stream of life as various notes are hit and the evolution of a masterpiece being co-created!

I want you to know, I am not musically inclined at all.  I do not literally play piano nor understand musical notes.  But this analogy is so present in my field of vision for this sharing and will use it as best I can.  I am not trying to be accurate about how a piano works, because in truth, I have no clue!  I have simply turned two bodies into ebony and ivory and the space around us… the piano casing.  The strings themselves are in the energetic atmosphere we have created together.

There is something about having the complimentary keys of the grand piano living with you 24/7.  We literally dated from the inside out for 5 days.  I suppose if you split that up as the dating ritual usually goes… it has been a lot longer than 5 days (smile) and as Rick so wisely pointed out… we really started to get to know each other in February when Jorge first appeared in my bath waters.

I so did not realize how much we were experiencing during those first 5 days of being together and sleeping in two different areas of the piano case.    Ebony keys tuning to the ivory keys automatically.  This is the very way you will always know you are in the full presence of your divine counterpart.  Your strings vibrate simply by being present with each other… even if in two different rooms, appearing to be separated.

Do not underestimate this valuable experience.  If one set of strings are vibrating and the other is clueless… the time is not fully right for the harmonics to spring to Life.  Or that the combined field is not specifically tuned to the harmonics of conjoined key notes of Shambhala.  This is a very specific vibrational set and will only be accessed by fully conscious, self-aware Beings loving in the Field of Full Light.

For days I could feel my own bodies vibration being pushed and pulled into new vibratory heights simply by talking, sharing and I could feel the acceleration when we sat next to each other.  I now know what the sands of every sea-shore feels like as the energy of the ocean ebbs and flows over its field of created matter.  There is no doubt that every grain of sand is in an excited state of bliss all-ways.  No wonder we humans love to walk barefoot on the beaches… we are in an unconscious state of communication that keeps us feeling.. there is so much more.

I remember when I actively taught spiritual development and would define the layers (which aren’t really layers at all… everything is in a quantum state of expression) of vibrations.  Fear level closest to the ground, collective consciousness about that, Christ consciousness above that and we always put in the field of Shambhala above the Christ consciousness.  I always said we would get back to the Shambhala energies when I understood them, took me a few years… But, I Am / We Are Here!

This is a beautiful beginning of Being in Life as an active, co-creative participant and these are the understandings being presented to us.

To be continued….

Lisa Gawlas (with the combined energy of Rick)


The Passion of The Christ

A Message from The Guardians:

The Christ is the pure essence of your Life Force.  The part of every one of you who is not injured or traumatized by the human condition, but is Alive thru it.

The Christ is a collective energy not given to any one individual, not ever.  In your recent past there was a group of people who called themselves the Essene’s.  They loved as this energy – The Christed Ones.

In the Essene community the word Christ as you know it today, was a term of fullness.  Not a word to make one single person stand out, but an energy that was recognized within the All as it flowed out wards into creation. The Essenes were not the only ones, not even the first ones to live within this collective energy field.  They, however, are the ones your fleeting memory remembers.  But even that memory is soiled by non-truths given to humanity for millenia.

The only reason we talk to you today using the word/energy of The Christ is because you do recognize it’s importance and value.  We would like to keep something familiar within what only appears as unfamiliar. This earth was birthed in The Christed Energy.  There was not a soul, not a plant, animal, bird or fish that did not recognize and understand who and what they are.  Nothing in all of this creation seen itself as separate from the whole.  Nothing. Nothing was more than or less than anything else.  All of Life, loved and served All of Life.

This is still a very true statement… energy upon earth except for the human race.  It is the only aspect of creation within the field of free will, that see’s itself as seperate and has judgements against life that does not walk, talk and think as they do.

Do you think the head of lettuce growing joyfully in some humans garden is having an issue with the rabbit that comes to nibble?  It’s own energy field blooms in the consumption.  It is what it was created for.  How many gardeners honor the rabbit and the lettuce for it’s delight in the exchange? The true gardeners do not need fences.  Would not ever dream of building a fence around any part of their life.  It is not needed. Fences are built from fear and greed.  Any fence.

So many humans have not only built fences around their lives, they have now built them with brick and mortar. The true and Living Christed energy would delight in the nibbling of the rabbit upon it’s own garden of life.  The heart would well up with passion of love to bear witness to the exchange.

How many people currently go into your food stores with this welling up of love in your hearts?  Especially at your meat counters?  Do you ever feel the love of any of the animals that freely gave of themselves to serve you? The true Christed energy would be basking in the fullness of love that is in any grocery store.  The shear diversity that is there.  The radiated love energy would fill the shelves with health and goodness.

The Passion of the Christ is the pure love of all things.  No bias.  No negative feeling in any capacity.  A true oneness with all things.  For the Christ knows that even the packages of meat is a part of him/herself.  To give it anything less than love and gratitude for Being is to rob itself of it’s Self.  Of it’s pure life force energy.

Once the human has squeezed the last ounce of disdain from their lives, removed any and all fences that says “this is mine”… you come Home to the fullness of yourSelf.

When you are living in full harmony with all of life, the fullness of life lives with you.  This is not a romantic statement at all.  It is a truth.  For the human who lives in the fullness of their Christed energy can sit in the fields of their life and call to them anything their hearts desires.  For all of life will change form and rush to the center of that energy as the desire made manifest.

Do you realize when you pray or talk to the one you know as Jesus, in truth, you are praying and talking to your own Christed energy?  You even invent what you look like by seeing him.  As we said in the beginning, the Christed energy is a collective.  Every person on earth has this energy available to them at all times.

You have developed a term “you are what you eat” but let us assure you, it is not what you put into your mouth, but what flows out of it from your heart.

There is not a food on the planet that will cause illness.  Ever.  It is your own relationship with the foods of your life that causes illness.  Even then, the Christed energy that is you is transforming life for you.  Don’t put hate, anger, disgust into your System.  It robs you of your own Life force.  You can change your diet all day long, but until you change your relationship with whatever you are injesting, you are truly consuming the same energy.

To sup upon the Passion of the Christ is to Live in full freedom and love.  In this field of Aliveness you have full freedom, full creative rights that nothing nor no-one can ever take from you.  Ever.

To know this is to truly know your Self.

We are the part of you that is The Passion of the Christ.  We call you Home to Live freely, fully, in every inconceivable abundance.  However, you cannot look at us as separate from you, but as the very Heart of you!

The Guardians

The Vortex of Shambhala is Activated!

Today (Jan. 20th, 2012) I sit here in sheer amazement.  Amazement of what WE are doing, what WE have already done, and what is REALly happening.

There is a massive vortex coming to life at the top of the glowing Mesa Cliff.  I can see it so clearly and feel it so strongly that today, it is even hard to breathe.

Even as I watch it, and it still flickers in and out of my field of vision, I see the Guardians dancing and singing songs all around the outer circle of the vortex.  They have lit up too.  They have come to Light (out of the shadows) because you/we have too.

I have sat here for hours, feeling… consistently on the verge of tears.  My processing mind wanting to devalue what my heart feels so strongly.  Even with that, my heart takes me back to the first huge miracle upon my path and all that proceeded it.  I have written about it here and what followed here.

I asked the field, what have we done that created this activation of the Shambhala vortex.  The answer…. We Loved it into creation by loving each other.  That must be the love I have felt for the last several days… which, as I now think about it, is exactly when my cell signal started spazzing out.

This morning as I was emailing back and forth with my 2nd reading of the day (the first one was odd, her phone went straight to voice mail, my signal kept dropping after hearing her voice mail message.) she suggested I read for her without the phone!  What a great idea… as soon as I read it and for a moment got excited… I heard the field say:  I cannot read anything because the field is changing and that my cell signal and the field are one energy.

I no sooner sent her that email of understanding did I get an email from someone I read for the other day.  Here is what she shared:

Lol.. About what you wrote today, I actually heard you talking in my head yesterday about your communication/signal problems..
And last night, I went through an activation. It was very hot.. Like super sonic microwave hot energy.
They said it was the avatar activation happening.
I said to them that I thought it wouldn’t happen until March. They said no, it’s happening now.

It is so easy to think none of this is real, until someone else shows you with validation just how REAL it is!!

Geez… no wonder why the field connects from the Mesa Cliff to where ever I am doing the reading from… it is the cell signal that it is connecting with.  That is where the person I am reading for is too… so we are all one connected energy.

I have seen in a couple readings something I had not understood while seeing it… but do now.  In the center of the field was this volcano looking energy pile.  I do believe the energetic volcano has erupted and everything… EVERY-THING is changing.  It all has activated the vortex of Shambhala!

I don’t know what that really means to us, but if this feeling I/we are in is any indication… My God, we really have brought Heaven to earth!

Just because we loved each other so much, not in the silence, but thru action and words… unconditionally.

With arms open wide…(((HUGGING)))) every thought of You,

Lisa Gawlas

Image’s, Avatar’s, and Activation’s in Shambhala

For being in a place that is beautiful and simple, living here is far from easy.  I have somehow become connected to every waking frequency that is this place.  As the frequency becomes more availble to the outter atmosphere, I can feel the contractions as if being in the biggest strongest bear hug.  Only for me, this particular hug lasted a day and a half.

There are two things I am going to share from:

The Field – which is the grid-work of energy I see forming and spreading from the Mesa Cliff.

The Guardians – The ancectors that I can see, even if in shadow image, at the top of the Mesa.

I can hear, feel and see each separately… at least when I am not in the midst of the massive bear hug… then, the only thing I can do is sit in my chair and vibrate to kingdom come.

Let me tell you about the images I have seen in the week I have lived here:

The first thing I had seen is the doorway I have placed (quite humbly) into the photo that I inserted into this sharing.  I placed it in the color and area I keep seeing it at.  The only real thing I understand about it… is it is our goal to open it.  The “how” I suppose is what we are learning day by day.

I can also see many many ancestors at the top of the cliff.  They refer to themselves as the Guardians.  Yesterday I became very aware they are the “Keepers of Shambhala” energy.  I remembered when that new “guide” showed up I believe I was still living in Virginia with my son.  He called himself (once I asked) the keeper of Shambhala.  He told me I can call him Shambhala… which was just weird.  He then told me he was part of the Council of Light (but never told me what Light… now I know.  It is the Light that Glows at the top of the Mesa… that is the energy of Shambhala.)

He had also told me he was my counterpart in this field of energy.  I didn’t even ask, couldn’t.  Even then, Shambhala was simply a story.  Something I wished deep in my heart was true… but didn’t dare believe or hope that in less than 6 months my body would be living within the re-birth of this place. Being an active participant of returning the energy of Heaven back to earth.

But here I am!  Here, ALL of YOU are too.

I did my first full meditation here yesterday in my bathtub.  I have decided, it should have come with a warning!

The very first thing I had seen was the energetic glow of the top of the Mesa Cliff…. and then a new white vibrant vortex coming up and out of the Mesa top going about halfway up into the sky and spreading out a field of energy from the vortex, like yet another field has been birthed… or is being birthed.

There must be this crazy person who lives inside of me because I instantly said “I fully surrender my life to yours.”  (Careful what ya say… smile)

One of the guardians (I cannot see what they look like yet… for a reason I will explain shortly) came zooming into my tub in a sphere of Light and cut my abdomen wide open.  I have not had this experience in close to 11 years when the Blessed Mother came and gutted my crap and belief system like a fish.

I watched as all these cool looking things flowed out of me.  They reminded me of origami’s made of silver/white energy.  They just left my belly and flew upwards.  I was rather startled and asked… what the heck?  They said everything that got me to here has got to be removed so that I can be filled with this new Light.

They had also told me as I adjust to this new Light, much of my past will begin to fade, including relationship I held dear in my heart.  I instantly thought of my grandson (and children.)  The guardian simply asked me if I was willing to give up one for the sake of the rest… geez… just geez.  I thought of all of you.  Of course I Am.

Once I gave my answer, the guardian assured me it is a new beginning and a new path to a healthy, heart centered relationship that will one day be restored.  Phew… glad to hear that!

I watched again as they did things to my body and field that I cannot even tell you what happened… I am not even sure I want to know today.

When I got out of the bath, I couldn’t think, move, write, nothing.  I went and laid on my bed… feeling.

I instantly seen all the guardians at the top of the Mesa as I laid in my bed, eyes closed, vibrating to kingdom come.

But before I tell you more about the guardians, God how did I forget this… In the center of the white vortex I could see all the ascended masters.  Jesus, Buddah, Krishna and so many others I have no clue who they are, yet know they are from other cultures.  In the very center of this vortex I had seen Archangel Michael and his vibrant blue sword of Truth.  He was poking it down into the center of the vortex (he was flying above it at it’s opening.  What that all means… I have no idea!!

Back to the guardians…smile:  I also remembered the movie Avatar.  I had actually referenced a scene in Avatar thru a couple of readings… at the very end when Jake is giving up his human body for the one on Pandora and all those white threads of energy surrounding both bodies… I have seen the field wrap itself up to some of the people I have read for here… exactly like that.

I then suddenly heard that the reason I do not see any of the guardians in full spectrum is because their human has not linked up to them yet.  Each one of them has a human walking on earth here… they will show themselves to me as they come online thru their current human.

Talk about calling YourSelf Home!!

They then showed me this light pole going down deep into the Cliff, down into the center and reaching the core of Gaia.  I had seen another grid of energy deep inside of her.  This Light pole was glowing white.

Then I had seen a Light pole in the center of the Vortex deep into the molten energy of the top of the Mesa… this Light pole is glowing golden/yellow.

From what I understand… the two poles will reach full connection with each other on (or around) January 15th.

I have been seeing January 15th as a massive day in many readings this last month, but could never feel the what or why.  I couldn’t have… I would have not ever believed this place was here, not only here… WE have brought it (back) to Life!!

What is bringing it to life??  Love in motion.  Pure and simple.

I had spend most of yesterday (and the day before) in a zombified state.  When the Field hugs you in a bear hug, let me tell you, you cannot move, talk, even follow a whole movie on TV (trust me, I tried)… but download, after download… phew.

I was asked to look over my sharings about the new energy, about shambhala and remember.

I stopped at one sharing I did while I was living in the hotel room.  The one where I woke up and was rapidly connecting funnels of energies to a human (that was when the front office called me at 11pm asking me if I had the vacuum in my room.)  I suddenly realized that is what my new package is all about.  It was really the only thing I got done yesterday as putting together new energy reading packages.

The crystal you receive will be connected to your Avatar (or, are you/we the Avatar?) and continue working (classes to come) until you are fully connected consciously.


Even as I take a deep breath with that thought… THAT responsibility, I suddenly see the seeds the guardians threw over the cliff.

We are not only growing and tending the new garden of Life… we are the very flowers that grow as well!!

I am going to close with my own thought… The Mesa Cliff is called “Guadalupe Mesa.” The locals here have a major major connection to “Our Lady of Guadalupe” which is also the Blessed Mother (in Christianity.)  The Divine feminine who is said to be responsible for giving birth to Christ… the Divine Masculine.

Together… We Are One!

In deep and sheer humbleness.  Welcome Home!

Lisa Gawlas          Frequency Infused Reading Plus

P.S. Notice the Light, the molten looking Light of the image I took yesterday (1/12/12) now dripping down the left and right side of the Mesa top.  WE are moving the energy!

Welcome to Shambhala

First let me share something about the image that is the Banner of Shambhala.  It is a Mesa Cliff that was once home to 2000 or so Indians.  There are many ruins and artifacts that are still very much a part of the very top of the cliff.

This image was taken in the backyard of the cabin I live within in Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico.  I am not part of the pueblo at all.  However, this property does boarder the pueblo (reservation) and I suppose that is why it is part of my mailing address.  It is home to the Walatowa tribe.  The word Towa means “this is THE place” and there is no understatement there!

The image itself was taken with my camera phone and shows something my eyes simply do not see… the glow of energy that is Shambhala.  I used the panorama view on my camera and was standing at the foot of the Cliff just across from the Jemez River that runs along side of it.  You can clearly see the energy just below the surface of the Mesa.

My goal, thru each of us, is to bring it fully top-side for use in all it’s glory and splendor.  That is why I created this blog, to house the wisdom that is shared with me thru the ancients that are very present at the top of the Mesa.

If you look at the picture closely, you will see a whispy energy to the left of the photo in about a half an inch.  That is where I see Jemez (the name he said I can call him).  He is (to use his words) the “look out” (not fully sure what he looks out for, but I trust him explicitly and when my own consciousness expands enough to understand, I am sure he will share the details.)

He has also become the spokesperson of the group of energies I can clearly see up there.  “They” are the keepers and guardians of the energy I refer to as Shambhala.  How I became so utterly priveldged to not only live here with them, but become their spokesperson and teacher- guardian ad litem (their crazy word, not mine…smile) I will never understand.  But I promise to be as clear as I can in every way possible and share in as much detail, both thru my own personal experience(s) and their direct communication here in this space.

To define the energies of Shambhala as I have come to understand them via my own spiritual team, it is quite literally bringing the pure energy of Heaven/Spirit for full use and existence on earth.

Please know, I may be the one living here and doing whatever it is I shall be doing… but, this is OUR place.  We are birthing this together.  We shall use the energy of this wonder-full place, together.

How?  That is what this was created for!!  We will figure it out as we grow!

Together… We Are ONE,

Lisa and Jemez (smile)

P.S. I am going to be linking this site with my (still under construction) Soul Gym site.  Opening that energy is going to take a workout!!  www.oursoulgym.com