DNA, Shambhala Chakras and the Flower of Life!

(Note: My system crashed as I was getting ready to insert the image, when wordpress crashes it saves the words, just not the paragraph layout.  Forgive me if my structure does not seem coherent.  I may miss intended paragraph breaks or put breaks where none were intended.  Gotta love high energy crashes!!)

I feel like I have been given something beyond special, my greatest prayer in all this world is that everyone will one day be able to “see” like I do, and beyond that even.  This inner vision, that I did not have at all prior to starting meditation in 2000, has given us all a front seat to life’s evolution of change from the inside out.

I started to document out loud the evolution of the physical body as it houses the Light body several years ago thru my “Insights from my Massage Table” and evolved to really seeing and understand the change in our Light field, the soul agenda of life thru phone readings and now… this is the evolution of the physical and the Light changing to bring Heaven fully to the earth plane thru the passion of pro-creation!!

The change in DNA

Our 12 strand DNA are not strands at all.  They are quantum fields of energy in a constant state of motion.  Every thought, every heartbeat opens and closes potentials within our magnetically, energetically encoded connection to life and spirit. Several days ago, after doing the hypnosis The Eye of Horus, I sat in a place of stillness, of wondering what really happened.  My inner sight was first drawn to my left leg, the leg that I had seen thru that hypnosis being energetically combined with the beautiful gentleman sitting next to me, participating.

I knew that my physical life (left leg) was somehow binding to his spiritual life (his right leg) and I was able to see, as I sat their wondering… all the molecules within my body change.  Blurry at first like moving whisps of light.  All I could feel was change was underway.  I glanced around at the air within the room I sat and experienced within and it too… was in a state of change.  The air however, pixelated moving molecules.

None of it in full light, actually quite dimmly lit.  Change is like that tho.  Hard to notice, understand at first.  Each day forward I have seen the depth of that change from the inside out. Granted, it has been 9 years since my last intimate encounter.  Like my DNA itself, I was in a state of purposeful waiting.  But equally, thru the years, fully clearing out all the sexual encounters I had in my lifetime, so when this adventure started there was nothing within me to take our energy stream elsewhere.

Here is a beautiful and added bonus about how incredible our combined journey is when with your divine counterpart.  Your own vibrational clearing, when coupled with your counterpart, automatically clears his or hers. I had learned, thru a reading yesterday, that there must be only one fully conscious counterpart activaly seeking the pathway of opening to the field of Shambhala, their counterpart then only needs to be an active and consciously willing participant… and the fields become clear by virtue of the work of the other half.

The network of activity happening within our activated, changing DNA for the soul purpose of connecting fully the the field I call Shambhala is beyond my current comprehension.  I can see what is happening in the outer streams, but, as always, when the time is right and my consciousness catches up… we will understand more. I want to mention here, it was on the 6th day of our re-union, him showing up on my doorstep, that we purposely consummated our togetherness.

The activation of the chakras of Shambhala

Every time I close my eyes in the coupled experience of Rick, the sights and sounds of intermingled change is always present.  It is taking me several days to understand what I am seeing and experiencing thru our sharing of love and desire… After the very first time of making love, I lay there feeling… expanding and able to “see” everything starting to develop as my eyes remained closed to the external world and our changing structures of the physical body emerged.

I could vividly see his penis with my eyes closed and a chakra now hanging limp from the very tip of his penis about 3-4 inches long in length (I am talking here about the size of the chakra… and NOTHING else…smile) and it was vibrating to the color of soft blue… like baby boy blue. I had also seen a similar chakra at the surface of my own vigina, same limp structure and size, only mine was vibrating to the color pink… baby girl pink.

Somehow I understood that thru this first act of consummation, they emerged.  Not completely online for use, but ready to be energized! I remember seeing this pink and blue energy thru so many readings the end of last year and the beginning of this.  It is only now that I understand in completion (and can I throw in the word, complexity) what has been being shown to us… the emergance of new life, of new portals to create the living baby of humanity I call Shambhala.

We are truly ALL active particants, each in our own way. I lay there contemplating these new chakras, wondering what exactly they are for when I suddenly seen a roll of energy emerge from my own body.  It is only now my memory goes wayyyyy back to the day, one of the most incredible, disorienting days of my entire journey.

In my Holy Bath waters in 2001, the Blessed Mother came to me several times during an intense 1 week span (this was for the first time, it would not be her last time tho.)  When she asked me to “Lay down all my beliefs” and after days of struggle, I could not conceive of how to do that.  I asked for her help.  She literally… energetically gutted me like a fish.  From pelvic bone to neck bone… I was sliced wide open… and black shit just billowed out of my body.

When I was finished billowing she had told me “now you shall be filled with the truth of spirit.” I suppose that “truth” comes in the form of fizzy yellow energy.  My body that first sensual, sexual moment was opened in the same place the Blessed Mother opened it 11 years ago, and now this fizzy like, deeper yellow energy was billowing out of my wholeness.  Six days later (yesterday) thru our coupled passion, I suddenly saw fizzy deeper yellow energy filling the lower cavity of his abdomen.  It is only in this moment do I understand what I had seen, and as usual, that understanding is barely.

The truth of spirit I had carried within me, deepened, expanded, held close to my soul has now spilled out and merged with his… well, only half way for now.  It stopped, or maybe it is because I exploded just under his solar plexus. This happened during active sex and once I started seeing it stream in, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.  It went in via his root chakra and as it went higher thru his whole abdomen I felt it thru me.  The intensity in my own virbational field could not hang on any longer, I am sure purposely so.  When I released my own… vibration, the filling of his abdomen ceased.

I find it interesting that for the second night in a row, he was not allowed to orgasm.  Instead, he was given the task of holding this energy within for full integration.  Bless his heart!!! But with that, I have gotten ahead of the unfolding.  So let me back up to the days and experiences leading up to this soul infusion.

After I took my surprised eyes off of the billowing yellow energy now oozing out of my entire core, I watched as a whole new network of energy was emerging between us.  From his body to mine, to portals yet understood above us.

The next time we were once again in a divine union, I was able to see his body, his back and suddenly a stream of golden energy started to pour into him from somewhere on the ceiling, creating a liquid flow of energy thru his core. As he laid in bed afterwards, sleeping, I was awakened by intense energy pinging my side.  As I moved from sleep conscious to awake conscious, without opening my eyes… I seen a whole grid of silver-white energy housed over his entire body beyond head to toe.  There was a full network of silver-white energy strands everywhere within this energy grid and I could feel its intensity.  I could feel the work being done… I went and slept on the couch!

I do feel it is important to mention that he has arrived in my life having only been on his spiritual path, consciously and with dedication for only nine months.  The relationship he has with his soul, unbelievable.  His desire, among other things, was to fire up his spiritual attributes of sight, sound and whatever else he has packed within him field of energy.

Over the last 6 days, his vision clears daily and can “see” even if for only a moment.  He is hearing direction and has even channeled the Guardians as well as Archangel Michael thru his voice.  I have the privileged of watching ALL of him get stronger and clearer with each passing day.  This is truly my joy!  With his strength, my own abilities are equally strengthening and expanding as well.

I also must mention that the day he arrived I did a Hands of Light and Sound massage on him.  Three days later, I did another one.  I know the first opened to the expansion of the 2nd.  The only reason I decided to do either massage was because I was scoping out the fuller details of and if this was Jorge.  The first one because I heard my team remind me that Jorge was going to just show up in the early part of June and wearing a blue shirt (two of the details I never wrote about.)  It happened exactly that way.  The massage produced to further clarity for me at all.

The 2nd one was prompted when he asked the question the evening before “do you think I could be Jorge.”  In the safety of my own experience, replying I don’t know” was easy.  But I knew.  I figured the massage would help us both know for sure. The first thing I had seen during his second massage was an intense expansion of gold and silver energy thru his entire core.  His whole body was wrapped in a baby girl pink fizzy energy.  I could not see and snoop out any other details (dammit) but then Archangel Michael arrived so we could give him (as well as me) the energy infusion of our lives!!  I was not fully sure I was going to be able to finish that massage… my own body was alive in the sensory department I had never ever experienced before, especially via a massage.

I mention all of that to get to this point.  During one of our loving reunions I was watching, from the inside out, as my cervix was billowing out soft pink energy thru his eye of horus (heard that very phrase when I was watching and trying to figure out what was happening.) Even now, I get this even more.  The masculine within the relationship (and this is true for all same sex couples as well) is the Eye of Horus portal.  The feminine is the energy that brings it all to life!

The Flower of Life Expanding

Somewhere a time or two after the release of the baby girl pink energy into his eye of horus, I felt something within me that really jolted me.  There was an activated portal of energy now gently spinning thru my birth canal and up into my own uterus.  It was different than any other feeling I have ever experienced…. subtle, very subtle, but I know a spinning vortex when I feel it and it was happening within me.

I could have never understood the profound moment in time that was happening.  But the next time we made love, the rest of the story created this understanding. My inner vision was drawn to our active love making area.  I could see his penis as if my eye balls were inside my vagina having an up close and personal look at the motion and movement of it all.  As I watched, and felt… suddenly his penis seemed to open at the time, as if splitting into two and opening wider and wider with each movement. Within me, it was as if it was really happening.  I could feel the width of expansion on the walls of my vagina, my own vibration picked up with each widening… and then I had seen a release of energy from my uterus, a soft ball of multi colored energy housed in a field of pink move down thru me and into his now almost split in half penis and moved thru him and out of my field of vision.

It was only yesterday, in one of the most profound meditations I have had in a long time, was it reveled, in surprising detail, what had really happened. I have heard the term “the flower of life” so many times in the last decade plus, but all information about it was so geez, cryptic and filled with geometry that makes my own mental matter melt down.  This visual, this understanding…. I get.

If we can just change the penis into a flower stem.  The womb itself, the flower head.  The energy of love releases the pollen for binding.  In this loving moment, the key activated the opening of the womb of creation in its consumption of the energy created a circle of light now available to all of Creation. The energy of Shambhala is open, at least as a wide circle of Light in created reality.

I find it interesting that in this stem, flower, consumption moment, my partner was asked to hold his sexual release… bless his heart, he did and with joy.  (He is a much better sport than I would be…smile.  But the beauty of Him is there is a sacred trust in what he is doing that he does not question, he just follows his heart guidance, for which, I am utterly grateful.) As I was watching and understanding what really took place the evening before… thru my bathwaters of meditation, I suddenly remembered the blog I had written (and thank you Cheryl for bringing it back up for my much needed review) On Feb. 17th called As Above ~ So Below.

I remembered the picture of the puckered land that seemed so ready to have seeds placed within it.  Indeed, the seeds have been planted thru this loving moment in our experience…. and outside of time.

I must add this here (as I am hearing this quite intently) without the work of our beautiful angel in Switzerland and her effort of creating the space between time and reality… the seeds could not have been planted.  But, they have already taken root!

I am hearing, the wonderful childish laughter from the Guardians for everyone to “play out loud, in joy and curiosity” it is doing so much more than you realize.

There is so much more to share, but for right now, this is enough.  I do want to share something that was shared with me last night.  With my own personal querry several days ago… is spirit watching us have sex.

It is so easy for us humans to forget we are not physical bodies at all, we Are Light Bodies.  They do not see us as humans as we see each other.  They see us in our full spiritual Light energy, and they gave me the breathtaking moment of what that fully looks like.  The greatest decorated christmas tree would feel envious to our radiance.  As we move closer together within our loving enhance, our Light bodies change, enhance, expand… and that is what they see…. with joy in all of creation.

In absolute honor and deep humbleness.

Lisa Gawlas (with the shared loving energy of Rick)


Image’s, Avatar’s, and Activation’s in Shambhala

For being in a place that is beautiful and simple, living here is far from easy.  I have somehow become connected to every waking frequency that is this place.  As the frequency becomes more availble to the outter atmosphere, I can feel the contractions as if being in the biggest strongest bear hug.  Only for me, this particular hug lasted a day and a half.

There are two things I am going to share from:

The Field – which is the grid-work of energy I see forming and spreading from the Mesa Cliff.

The Guardians – The ancectors that I can see, even if in shadow image, at the top of the Mesa.

I can hear, feel and see each separately… at least when I am not in the midst of the massive bear hug… then, the only thing I can do is sit in my chair and vibrate to kingdom come.

Let me tell you about the images I have seen in the week I have lived here:

The first thing I had seen is the doorway I have placed (quite humbly) into the photo that I inserted into this sharing.  I placed it in the color and area I keep seeing it at.  The only real thing I understand about it… is it is our goal to open it.  The “how” I suppose is what we are learning day by day.

I can also see many many ancestors at the top of the cliff.  They refer to themselves as the Guardians.  Yesterday I became very aware they are the “Keepers of Shambhala” energy.  I remembered when that new “guide” showed up I believe I was still living in Virginia with my son.  He called himself (once I asked) the keeper of Shambhala.  He told me I can call him Shambhala… which was just weird.  He then told me he was part of the Council of Light (but never told me what Light… now I know.  It is the Light that Glows at the top of the Mesa… that is the energy of Shambhala.)

He had also told me he was my counterpart in this field of energy.  I didn’t even ask, couldn’t.  Even then, Shambhala was simply a story.  Something I wished deep in my heart was true… but didn’t dare believe or hope that in less than 6 months my body would be living within the re-birth of this place. Being an active participant of returning the energy of Heaven back to earth.

But here I am!  Here, ALL of YOU are too.

I did my first full meditation here yesterday in my bathtub.  I have decided, it should have come with a warning!

The very first thing I had seen was the energetic glow of the top of the Mesa Cliff…. and then a new white vibrant vortex coming up and out of the Mesa top going about halfway up into the sky and spreading out a field of energy from the vortex, like yet another field has been birthed… or is being birthed.

There must be this crazy person who lives inside of me because I instantly said “I fully surrender my life to yours.”  (Careful what ya say… smile)

One of the guardians (I cannot see what they look like yet… for a reason I will explain shortly) came zooming into my tub in a sphere of Light and cut my abdomen wide open.  I have not had this experience in close to 11 years when the Blessed Mother came and gutted my crap and belief system like a fish.

I watched as all these cool looking things flowed out of me.  They reminded me of origami’s made of silver/white energy.  They just left my belly and flew upwards.  I was rather startled and asked… what the heck?  They said everything that got me to here has got to be removed so that I can be filled with this new Light.

They had also told me as I adjust to this new Light, much of my past will begin to fade, including relationship I held dear in my heart.  I instantly thought of my grandson (and children.)  The guardian simply asked me if I was willing to give up one for the sake of the rest… geez… just geez.  I thought of all of you.  Of course I Am.

Once I gave my answer, the guardian assured me it is a new beginning and a new path to a healthy, heart centered relationship that will one day be restored.  Phew… glad to hear that!

I watched again as they did things to my body and field that I cannot even tell you what happened… I am not even sure I want to know today.

When I got out of the bath, I couldn’t think, move, write, nothing.  I went and laid on my bed… feeling.

I instantly seen all the guardians at the top of the Mesa as I laid in my bed, eyes closed, vibrating to kingdom come.

But before I tell you more about the guardians, God how did I forget this… In the center of the white vortex I could see all the ascended masters.  Jesus, Buddah, Krishna and so many others I have no clue who they are, yet know they are from other cultures.  In the very center of this vortex I had seen Archangel Michael and his vibrant blue sword of Truth.  He was poking it down into the center of the vortex (he was flying above it at it’s opening.  What that all means… I have no idea!!

Back to the guardians…smile:  I also remembered the movie Avatar.  I had actually referenced a scene in Avatar thru a couple of readings… at the very end when Jake is giving up his human body for the one on Pandora and all those white threads of energy surrounding both bodies… I have seen the field wrap itself up to some of the people I have read for here… exactly like that.

I then suddenly heard that the reason I do not see any of the guardians in full spectrum is because their human has not linked up to them yet.  Each one of them has a human walking on earth here… they will show themselves to me as they come online thru their current human.

Talk about calling YourSelf Home!!

They then showed me this light pole going down deep into the Cliff, down into the center and reaching the core of Gaia.  I had seen another grid of energy deep inside of her.  This Light pole was glowing white.

Then I had seen a Light pole in the center of the Vortex deep into the molten energy of the top of the Mesa… this Light pole is glowing golden/yellow.

From what I understand… the two poles will reach full connection with each other on (or around) January 15th.

I have been seeing January 15th as a massive day in many readings this last month, but could never feel the what or why.  I couldn’t have… I would have not ever believed this place was here, not only here… WE have brought it (back) to Life!!

What is bringing it to life??  Love in motion.  Pure and simple.

I had spend most of yesterday (and the day before) in a zombified state.  When the Field hugs you in a bear hug, let me tell you, you cannot move, talk, even follow a whole movie on TV (trust me, I tried)… but download, after download… phew.

I was asked to look over my sharings about the new energy, about shambhala and remember.

I stopped at one sharing I did while I was living in the hotel room.  The one where I woke up and was rapidly connecting funnels of energies to a human (that was when the front office called me at 11pm asking me if I had the vacuum in my room.)  I suddenly realized that is what my new package is all about.  It was really the only thing I got done yesterday as putting together new energy reading packages.

The crystal you receive will be connected to your Avatar (or, are you/we the Avatar?) and continue working (classes to come) until you are fully connected consciously.


Even as I take a deep breath with that thought… THAT responsibility, I suddenly see the seeds the guardians threw over the cliff.

We are not only growing and tending the new garden of Life… we are the very flowers that grow as well!!

I am going to close with my own thought… The Mesa Cliff is called “Guadalupe Mesa.” The locals here have a major major connection to “Our Lady of Guadalupe” which is also the Blessed Mother (in Christianity.)  The Divine feminine who is said to be responsible for giving birth to Christ… the Divine Masculine.

Together… We Are One!

In deep and sheer humbleness.  Welcome Home!

Lisa Gawlas          Frequency Infused Reading Plus

P.S. Notice the Light, the molten looking Light of the image I took yesterday (1/12/12) now dripping down the left and right side of the Mesa top.  WE are moving the energy!

Welcome to Shambhala

First let me share something about the image that is the Banner of Shambhala.  It is a Mesa Cliff that was once home to 2000 or so Indians.  There are many ruins and artifacts that are still very much a part of the very top of the cliff.

This image was taken in the backyard of the cabin I live within in Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico.  I am not part of the pueblo at all.  However, this property does boarder the pueblo (reservation) and I suppose that is why it is part of my mailing address.  It is home to the Walatowa tribe.  The word Towa means “this is THE place” and there is no understatement there!

The image itself was taken with my camera phone and shows something my eyes simply do not see… the glow of energy that is Shambhala.  I used the panorama view on my camera and was standing at the foot of the Cliff just across from the Jemez River that runs along side of it.  You can clearly see the energy just below the surface of the Mesa.

My goal, thru each of us, is to bring it fully top-side for use in all it’s glory and splendor.  That is why I created this blog, to house the wisdom that is shared with me thru the ancients that are very present at the top of the Mesa.

If you look at the picture closely, you will see a whispy energy to the left of the photo in about a half an inch.  That is where I see Jemez (the name he said I can call him).  He is (to use his words) the “look out” (not fully sure what he looks out for, but I trust him explicitly and when my own consciousness expands enough to understand, I am sure he will share the details.)

He has also become the spokesperson of the group of energies I can clearly see up there.  “They” are the keepers and guardians of the energy I refer to as Shambhala.  How I became so utterly priveldged to not only live here with them, but become their spokesperson and teacher- guardian ad litem (their crazy word, not mine…smile) I will never understand.  But I promise to be as clear as I can in every way possible and share in as much detail, both thru my own personal experience(s) and their direct communication here in this space.

To define the energies of Shambhala as I have come to understand them via my own spiritual team, it is quite literally bringing the pure energy of Heaven/Spirit for full use and existence on earth.

Please know, I may be the one living here and doing whatever it is I shall be doing… but, this is OUR place.  We are birthing this together.  We shall use the energy of this wonder-full place, together.

How?  That is what this was created for!!  We will figure it out as we grow!

Together… We Are ONE,

Lisa and Jemez (smile)

P.S. I am going to be linking this site with my (still under construction) Soul Gym site.  Opening that energy is going to take a workout!!  www.oursoulgym.com