The Passion of The Christ

A Message from The Guardians:

The Christ is the pure essence of your Life Force.  The part of every one of you who is not injured or traumatized by the human condition, but is Alive thru it.

The Christ is a collective energy not given to any one individual, not ever.  In your recent past there was a group of people who called themselves the Essene’s.  They loved as this energy – The Christed Ones.

In the Essene community the word Christ as you know it today, was a term of fullness.  Not a word to make one single person stand out, but an energy that was recognized within the All as it flowed out wards into creation. The Essenes were not the only ones, not even the first ones to live within this collective energy field.  They, however, are the ones your fleeting memory remembers.  But even that memory is soiled by non-truths given to humanity for millenia.

The only reason we talk to you today using the word/energy of The Christ is because you do recognize it’s importance and value.  We would like to keep something familiar within what only appears as unfamiliar. This earth was birthed in The Christed Energy.  There was not a soul, not a plant, animal, bird or fish that did not recognize and understand who and what they are.  Nothing in all of this creation seen itself as separate from the whole.  Nothing. Nothing was more than or less than anything else.  All of Life, loved and served All of Life.

This is still a very true statement… energy upon earth except for the human race.  It is the only aspect of creation within the field of free will, that see’s itself as seperate and has judgements against life that does not walk, talk and think as they do.

Do you think the head of lettuce growing joyfully in some humans garden is having an issue with the rabbit that comes to nibble?  It’s own energy field blooms in the consumption.  It is what it was created for.  How many gardeners honor the rabbit and the lettuce for it’s delight in the exchange? The true gardeners do not need fences.  Would not ever dream of building a fence around any part of their life.  It is not needed. Fences are built from fear and greed.  Any fence.

So many humans have not only built fences around their lives, they have now built them with brick and mortar. The true and Living Christed energy would delight in the nibbling of the rabbit upon it’s own garden of life.  The heart would well up with passion of love to bear witness to the exchange.

How many people currently go into your food stores with this welling up of love in your hearts?  Especially at your meat counters?  Do you ever feel the love of any of the animals that freely gave of themselves to serve you? The true Christed energy would be basking in the fullness of love that is in any grocery store.  The shear diversity that is there.  The radiated love energy would fill the shelves with health and goodness.

The Passion of the Christ is the pure love of all things.  No bias.  No negative feeling in any capacity.  A true oneness with all things.  For the Christ knows that even the packages of meat is a part of him/herself.  To give it anything less than love and gratitude for Being is to rob itself of it’s Self.  Of it’s pure life force energy.

Once the human has squeezed the last ounce of disdain from their lives, removed any and all fences that says “this is mine”… you come Home to the fullness of yourSelf.

When you are living in full harmony with all of life, the fullness of life lives with you.  This is not a romantic statement at all.  It is a truth.  For the human who lives in the fullness of their Christed energy can sit in the fields of their life and call to them anything their hearts desires.  For all of life will change form and rush to the center of that energy as the desire made manifest.

Do you realize when you pray or talk to the one you know as Jesus, in truth, you are praying and talking to your own Christed energy?  You even invent what you look like by seeing him.  As we said in the beginning, the Christed energy is a collective.  Every person on earth has this energy available to them at all times.

You have developed a term “you are what you eat” but let us assure you, it is not what you put into your mouth, but what flows out of it from your heart.

There is not a food on the planet that will cause illness.  Ever.  It is your own relationship with the foods of your life that causes illness.  Even then, the Christed energy that is you is transforming life for you.  Don’t put hate, anger, disgust into your System.  It robs you of your own Life force.  You can change your diet all day long, but until you change your relationship with whatever you are injesting, you are truly consuming the same energy.

To sup upon the Passion of the Christ is to Live in full freedom and love.  In this field of Aliveness you have full freedom, full creative rights that nothing nor no-one can ever take from you.  Ever.

To know this is to truly know your Self.

We are the part of you that is The Passion of the Christ.  We call you Home to Live freely, fully, in every inconceivable abundance.  However, you cannot look at us as separate from you, but as the very Heart of you!

The Guardians

13 thoughts on “The Passion of The Christ

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  4. I just read this previous reply Lisa posted with Kryon. I sit here with tears running down my face. I deserve to be here. It is my time.
    Touched me to my core. Tears flow. Thank you.

  5. I received an email from a beautiful friend named Walter in Switzerland in regard to this channeling. He added a beautiful sharing from Kryon RedDeer to help us all integrate this tremendous energy. Here is the channeling:

    I have set this re-calibration, no matter of what is in my body at this moment
    It can be gone – If it is inappropriate, it should be gone.
    I stand as a piece of divinity on this planet, wise, appropriate,
    I belong – this is my time.

    Cellular structure listen:

    If there is anything inappropriate it should be gone
    let it wash away with the waste.
    Let it go out because it is not seen as appropriate,
    it’s not commensurate to the energy of the love of God.
    Let only compassionate things enter in to my consciousness.
    Dear cellular structure, I deserve to be here. This is my time.
    I have things that others want. This is my time.

    I’m important in the scheme of the earth. I have earned my stripes.
    This is my time.
    Dear cellular structure, get rid of inappropriate emotional issues
    that keep me from moving forward in to my beauty and power.

    And the power that I speak of is that ability to create compassion
    and light energy everywhere I go.

    Red Deer, Canada
    Jan, 2012

  6. The Christ consciousness……I have been steeped in reading the Mary Magdalene and Yeshua story for the past couple of weeks as I hear that it is time for the Christ to be born in me. So many of us were a part of that Essene community and knew we were Christs. Love this explanation of the encompassing of ALL! It is time for this energy to manifest fully here once again. How wondrous is this NOW. Thank you for sharing this passion, it is so full and passion is the right word!

  7. Very powerful, very effective explanation. Is this what is referred to in the Bible when Christ spoke of returning? ( I have always wondered how people expected word-for-word quotes, there weren’t any microphones and tape recorders back then)…..(smile)

    • Hi Edie ((HUGZ))… I will agree (smile… very powerful. I woke to a green energy oozing of my heart (I could actually see annd feel it the moment I opened my eyes) and heard the words again “The Passion of The Christ.” This is the first time I did a direct channel in a very long long time… but, I didn’t want to taint or take away from their sharing. What is funny, I may have typed it out, but a lot of it played out like a movie, sort of… like being able to actually see the depths of their meaning and sharing.

      And yes, the man we know as Jesus spoke of the very thing the Guardians are speaking of. He, and many others spoke of this… somehow, time twisted it to mean this guy was coming back…

      We Are Here!!

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