Welcome to Shambhala

First let me share something about the image that is the Banner of Shambhala.  It is a Mesa Cliff that was once home to 2000 or so Indians.  There are many ruins and artifacts that are still very much a part of the very top of the cliff.

This image was taken in the backyard of the cabin I live within in Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico.  I am not part of the pueblo at all.  However, this property does boarder the pueblo (reservation) and I suppose that is why it is part of my mailing address.  It is home to the Walatowa tribe.  The word Towa means “this is THE place” and there is no understatement there!

The image itself was taken with my camera phone and shows something my eyes simply do not see… the glow of energy that is Shambhala.  I used the panorama view on my camera and was standing at the foot of the Cliff just across from the Jemez River that runs along side of it.  You can clearly see the energy just below the surface of the Mesa.

My goal, thru each of us, is to bring it fully top-side for use in all it’s glory and splendor.  That is why I created this blog, to house the wisdom that is shared with me thru the ancients that are very present at the top of the Mesa.

If you look at the picture closely, you will see a whispy energy to the left of the photo in about a half an inch.  That is where I see Jemez (the name he said I can call him).  He is (to use his words) the “look out” (not fully sure what he looks out for, but I trust him explicitly and when my own consciousness expands enough to understand, I am sure he will share the details.)

He has also become the spokesperson of the group of energies I can clearly see up there.  “They” are the keepers and guardians of the energy I refer to as Shambhala.  How I became so utterly priveldged to not only live here with them, but become their spokesperson and teacher- guardian ad litem (their crazy word, not mine…smile) I will never understand.  But I promise to be as clear as I can in every way possible and share in as much detail, both thru my own personal experience(s) and their direct communication here in this space.

To define the energies of Shambhala as I have come to understand them via my own spiritual team, it is quite literally bringing the pure energy of Heaven/Spirit for full use and existence on earth.

Please know, I may be the one living here and doing whatever it is I shall be doing… but, this is OUR place.  We are birthing this together.  We shall use the energy of this wonder-full place, together.

How?  That is what this was created for!!  We will figure it out as we grow!

Together… We Are ONE,

Lisa and Jemez (smile)

P.S. I am going to be linking this site with my (still under construction) Soul Gym site.  Opening that energy is going to take a workout!!  www.oursoulgym.com

7 thoughts on “Welcome to Shambhala

  1. I should have the Soul Gym up and running in the next few days… working on it now. I am working on a way as well, to have people be here with me without physically being here with me. For now that would be thru video connections like skype… when the weather warms just a bit!! Love you Li Lan ((((HUGZ)))

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